Today’s contribution is courtesy of James from Appetite For Distraction.  I’m really pleased about this as James has been a great friend to me and many others in the blogging community for as long as I can remember.


One of my favorite protest songs is Blood-Red, White, and Blue by Rise Against. The lyrics appeal to common sense, they’re angry and yet also pleading. Oh and the guitar solo rocks. And that’s important.

I’m realizing that I started responding before I even THOUGHT about the songs of NOFX. I’ll say that their album The War on Errorism is chock full of great songs about the specific ways America was fucked up in 2003.

Oh and Anti-Flag! The Terror State is kind of like that NOFX album in terms of material but without the sarcasm.

Agh! And the Suicide Machines album A Match and Some Gasoline!

But seriously. That Rise Against song is great.

mp3 : Rise Against – Blood-Red, White and Blue