It’s being away on holiday that has prevented me featuring more of the excellent contributions from readers.  But I promise they will all get an airing in due course.  Here’s another:-

Hi Jim

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Not only have the government been sending a billboard around London saying ‘darkies go home’…

borderpolice.jpg large

,,, they’ve also deployed officers of the border agency police to carry out spot checks on people of colour in London train, bus and tube stations.

I thought I didn’t do this kind of thing any more but sometimes things still force your hand.

Of course the right songs to play with this are the protest songs of the far right – the National Front’s take on the ‘Oi for England’ movement of the late 70s and early 80s, but this will do too – quiet despair might be all there is left.

mp3 : Billy Bragg & Hank Wangford – Deportees