I’ve more or less drawn a complete blank on the latest Scottish music combo to roll round on the alphabetical run through of tunes on the laptop.

There are three songs by Mindstore on the hard drive, all courtesy of compilations issued by the Hamburg-based Marina Records.  I can’t find too much of a backstory, nor any pictures, on t’internet.  The Marina website has only the very basic information on the one album that was released (and from which the tracks would be put on later compilations) and Discogs has next to nothing.

Mindstore was a duo consisting of Fiona Colvin (vocals) and Roger Shepherd (keyboards, acoustic guitar, bass).  Their sole album, Lightening The Load, was released in 1996, consisting of ten tracks recorded at Riverside Studios in Busby, a village on the outskirts of Glasgow. The producer was Johnny Cameron, who did a lot of work for Creeping Bent Records, a label that always had a close connection with Marina.

A listing in a local paper, advertising a gig in 1997, says “Thoughtful atmospherics from the duo of Roger Shepard and Fiona Colvin whose new album Lightening The Load has a mellow, jazzy soundtrack feel.” Beyond this, I can offer nothing.  Here’s what I think is the best of the three tracks that have, lifted from In Bed With Marina, which also dates from 1996.

mp3 : Mindstore – Mindstore Springs

It’s a pleasant enough, rather dreamy, if unspectacular affair.  It’s worth five minutes of your time to judge for yourselves…..