The 2013 Indietracks compilation contains 47 songs, with, as far as I can tell, only four of the acts having previously featured on TVV – bis, Lovely Eggs, The Wake, and The Wave Pictures.

Loads to select from, so hopefully this meets with approval.

mp3: When Nalda Became Punk – Summer, You and Me

From all music:-

Spanish indie pop group When Nalda Became Punk began in 2006 as a solo project for vocalist/guitarist Elena Sestelo.

Pairing classic C86-inspired indie pop songwriting with fuzzy guitars, synths, and drum machines, she released a demo titled “Tiny Noises Make Tiny Music” under the name Nalda before taking a break from recording until 2010. At that time, she recorded another demo (“Time to Meet Your Family”) and expanded to the full name before adding guitarist Roberto Cibeira to the lineup.

The duo recorded a single for Pebble Records (“When Nalda Became Punk”/”D.I.Y.”) in 2011 before gearing up for live shows and working on their debut album A Farewell to Youth.

Recorded with fellow countrymen Eva Guilala and Ivan Juniper, it was released in early 2013 by Shelflife Records. The band added keyboardist Antonio Llarena to the line-up and proceeded to play shows, including the 2013 Indietracks Festival.

After a respite from recording, the trio returned in 2014 with a single for Elefant, the four-song Indiepop or Whatever! After adding another member, bassist Bruno Murmura, the band recorded the Those Words Broke Our Hearts EP, which Elefant shared with the world in early 2017. 

Again, this is the only song of theirs I have on the hard drive, and the above description of C86 with fuzzy guitars is bang-on.