WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? (Slight change of plan)


I got bored copying those 2006 postings so it must be worse for you guys reading them.  Time methinks for a quick change of tack….

In one of my recent rummages around places where there’s second-hand vinyl I found this poptastic hit for just 10p:-

mp3 : Haircut 100 – Love Plus One (12″ version)

It’s a slightly extended version from that which was all over the radio stations in 1982 when it hit #3 in the UK.  Dismiss it as lightweight pop all you want, but this wasn’t far removed from the sort of sound that the record bosses were trying to get out of Orange Juice and many other of the Scottish pop bands of the day.  The fact that singer Nick Heyward was a teeny-bop pin-up idol meant that most musos dismissed this and the other hit singles as disposable and having no depth, but I’ll willingly hold my hand up and say I love it.

I’m sorry I can’t bring you the b-side on the 12″ as it was badly damaged. Looked as if something had been spilled over it and taken out some of the grooves.