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A good mate of mine from my workdays is Welshy (it’s to do with his surname rather than where he was born or where he lives). These past few weeks, he has been brightening up Facebook with a series of posts called ‘Morning Positivity’ in which he recalls stories from his past with the intention of putting a smile on a few faces. He did one which had a musical bent to it….and he’s generously given me permission to share it with you as it is just perfect for TVV.

Here’s Welshy…..

Morning positivity #23

This one prompted by becoming Facebook friends with Thomas on my Dad’s side of the family. Thomas won’t remember but I stayed at his parents’ house/flat in Tooting Broadway, London, in September 1997 when me, Rydell High and Robbie Allan travelled to London to see Oasis supported by The Verve at Earls Court. £15. What a gig.

From memory we got the train down on Friday, stayed two nights, the gig was Saturday, and we headed back home on Sunday. The gig was not till Saturday night so during Saturday daytime we three still-teenagers hit the streets of London for a nosey and a few pre-gig refreshments.

We hadn’t even stopped at a pub when something magical happened. Walking along the streets of central London, despite it being mobbed, we all instantly spotted the face of a hero of ours, Mr Ian Brown (The Stone Roses frontman, everyone). It wasn’t even up for debate to stop him and talk to him which we did and he was lovely and he said nice things about Glasgow and we were in awe.

He learned we were down for the gig and told us to enjoy it and off we walked our separate ways. And then the collective realisation … man, wouldn’t it have been perfect if we’d got a photo? Not a mobile phone between us (I’m not sure Snake on a Nokia had even been invented yet!) so we took quick action … although the clock was ticking.

We could see a Boots. Bolted in. Grabbed a throwaway camera. Paid quickly and back out on to the streets. Ok, which way did he go? We started running that way. I reckon 9 times out of 10 you give someone a 3-minute head start in the streets of London on a Saturday afternoon and you’ll struggle to find them. Well, this day was the 1 out of 10.

So this picture you see was taken by his partner, on a camera we just bought, about five minutes and nearly half a kilometre after we had met him! It’s one of my favourite pictures. Without a word of a lie, we went to the nearest pub and ordered a bottle of champagne which unfortunately we started drinking before seeing the price! But it was the perfect start to a brilliant day and night, an unforgettable gig and we were well fed at Chez Welsh the morning after before making the long journey home.

Happy days. As the great man once said; the world is yours. 🌍 ❤️

mp3 : Ian Brown – The World Is Yours

NB : Welshy is the bloke with his arm around the neck of Ian Brown.

PS : Bonus guest posting being added later on today.