Thanks to everyone who commented on the Trumpets ICA and especially all the folks who accepted the invitation to suggest their own favourite tunes.  More than enough for a second eleven, with selections by:

Bill: Prefab Sprout – Billy.  Not only does this tune prominently feature a lead trumpet, but the whole tune is about trumpets!

Friend of Rachel Worth: Pale Fountains – Longshot For Your Love.  This was a new one to me.  Seems like the Fountains came and went, but not before releasing “…From Across the Kitchen Table,” presumably the namesake of Drew’s blog. (JC adds… sure is!!)

Rol:  Feargal Sharkey – You Little Thief.  There might be a saxophone happening underneath, but this song’s really got the trumpet working.

Conrad: Bowie – Jump They Say.  Impressive how Bowie (David) was always looking for interesting folks to record with.  Bringing in Lester Bowie, a straight up jazz dude and co-founder of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, was a genius move.

The Swede: Housemartins – Think for a Minute (single version).  I never heard this version, but it’s ten times better with the trumpet.  Great call by the Swede.

DAM: Manic Street Preachers – Kevin Carter.  This was on a list of songs I sent to JC to see if anyone suggested ones other than my choices.  Very impressed with DAM for picking this one and the TVV crowd for coming up with so many stellar ideas.

FlimFlamFan: Allez Allez – Flesh and Blood.  I wasn’t familiar with this Belgian 80’s outfit so I found a clip on YouTube.  In their live performance, the horn part was played by a sax, but on the record it sounds like a trumpet.  (Might also be a synth, but it’s a great tune, so let’s go with it.)

JC: Billy Bragg – Levi Stubb’s Tears.  Probably should have included this classic by William Bloke, but it’s just so sad.

Mark: Eric Matthews – Fanfare.  This song made the whole experiment worthwhile.  I knew Matthews from Cardinal but was otherwise unfamiliar with his recordings.  ‘Fanfare’ is an absolute killer—my new favorite song.

Khayem: Julian Cope – Beautiful Love.  I had to decide between this one and the Teardrops song, so cheers to Kieron for making sure this one got in the mix.

Walter: Chumbawumba – Tubthumping.  Is there any reason not to play this infectious, banging song at every possible occasion?  No, there is not.


JC adds……

There’s been quite a few more suggestions since Jonny fired over this second edition.  I’m surely not alone in asking that he come up with Volume 3?


  1. Pale Fountains, Housemartins and J. Cope are my favourites.

    I think JTFL might be right about the synth brass on the Allez Allez track. I feel cheated by this brass totting band…

    Dear Allez Allez

    I write …

  2. Can’t really argue with Levi Stubbs’Tears over Man in the Iron Mask. It’s difficult to imagine the former without trumpet but we all know the latter works perfectly well with just a guitar as backing. Big thumbs up for suggestion of Torch.
    If we are allowing tracks with more than just trumpet as brass, I’ll throw my hat back into the ring with the single version of the Redskins mighty Lean on Me.

  3. “The Black Meat” from ///CODENAME: dustsucker (Bark Psychosis). A beautiful moment from this captivating record.

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