It’s a real cheat this week….a re-post of a guest post of what proved to be an unfinished series.

From Sunday 3 July 2011…..and the words of my very dear friend, Comrade Colin.



‘Amelia Fletcher never meant anything to me…’

Los Campesinos! – ‘The International Tweexcore Underground’ (2007)

Well, fuck those Cardiff Uni kids, really. Even though, I am sure, tongues were firmly in cheeks and all that… but, no one says that about Amelia. Except Amelia. Ok, so, I did say last Sunday that I was going to jump around a bit in terms of the back catalogue, just to try and ensure this run through All Things Sarah was not completely boring or predictable. And so it is we fast forward a wee bit to Sarah 30.

This incredibly sweet two track 7″ single was released in 1990 by the Oxford band Heavenly (featuring the wonderful talents of the aforementioned Amelia Fletcher, on vocals and guitar). This single, the first of quite a few releases they had on the Sarah label, was, in terms of the ‘feel’ of the record and the jangly sounds that came from deep within the black grooves, a very similar affair to the previous band that had featured the collective talents of all of those in Heavenly: namely, Amelia, her wee brother Mathew (on drums, RIP…), Peter Momtchiloff (guitars) and Rob Pursey (bass) – and the name of that former band was, big drum-roll, Talulah Gosh! (who were so engulfed in a sugary haze that when you played them all your front teeth fell out – fact).

Heavenly, to my mind, were the perfect Sarah band, and not just because of their history as Talulah Gosh or the fact they clearly hearted The Pastels. They just seem to capture the essence of what Sarah was all about; the guitars, the lyrics, the look and the love for, well, love. And, yes, in the beginning, the Heavenly view of love was a wide-eyed and hopeful vision of love, for sure, but what’s wrong with that, exactly? Oh, also worth mentioning is the fact that the ‘A’ side is relatively epic for a Sarah single – over 5 minutes long – but it holds together brilliantly and has a great run-out in the closing few minutes, building and building into a crashing finale. Lovely stuff.

So, yes, if you ever get the chance to spin discs at an indie-disco, this would be a perfect inclusion in the playlist. It’s just a beautiful record, really, and you should play it loud for best effect. Sigh. I used to love it when records instructed you to ‘play it loud’, often in capital letters as well. MP3’s tend not to say anything much, except ‘remix the fuck out of me, please’.

mp3 : Heavenly – I fell in love last night (5.19)

Comrade Colin



Most bloggers are blokes…..its an undeniable fact. But some of the best and most enthusiastic bloggers are from the fairer sex as perfectly demonstrated by today’s Friend Electric.

Last week’s posting from Matthew highlighted that some bloggers had subsequently been able, through their talents, to carve out some sort of career in mainstream journalism and the talents and brains behind Last Year’s Girl is a fine example of this.

It’s probably easier just to cut’n’paste from the ‘About’ section of what should more accurately be described as a website rather than a blog:-

According to Wikipedia, that first port of call for general knowledge and pub quiz answers in the information age, the term “blog” was first coined in 1999. Curiously that’s when I began blogging myself, although I’d never have given those early teen-angst fuelled online diaries so lofty a title. My blogging is as old as blogging! That’s actually pretty neat.

I’m 31 and still can’t walk in heels. Apparently, this is actually due to being born with flat feet and not, as I previously suspected, because I’m not graceful. I live in Glasgow, in the west of Scotland; with a boy I met on Myspace, two rambunctious kittens called Scooter and The Big Man and our monkey companion Moriarty. We got married in 2010, which was hilarious.

I describe myself as a journalist by profession because every time I’ve considered doing something else I’ve realised that I’d still have to blog about it when I got home. At the moment I’m using my Masters in the subject alongside my law degree, writing content for the online news resource of a top UK law firm. After hours I write for all sorts – generally on music – such as national arts site The Arts Desk, The Herald and Is This Music?

My friend Tyler once described me as having “Clarkson Syndrome: she hates everything.” He meant it as a compliment, which is fine because I took it as one. I think that tells you everything you need to know about my personality.

I adopted Last Year’s Girl as an online handle in 2003, when Jesse Malin sang it at me from the stage in King Tut’s (it’s a lyric from his song “TKO”). I’ve blogged here on my own domain since 2005: mostly about music, media law and overpriced make-up. Big hugs to my Web Hedgehog for tech support and things.

Oh, and you can call me Lis, and email me ; lisamarie@pixlet.net.

Last Year’s Girl is actually a bit like a quality on-line newspaper – you click on the home page and you are immediately given the option of visiting a load of sections as well as the chance to listen to Last Year’s Girl Radio. It’s not simply about music either….the current headings as I look at the page include What’s On Glasgow, Feminism, Fashion and #team14; the latter is primarily about the cultural programme which is supporting the staging of the 2014 Commonwealth Games here in Glasgow (an event which my day job is very heavily linked to and why July is such a busy month).

There’s also a section where Lis highlights gigs she has either been to or is looking forward to – one visit there and you will soon see that we have a habit of bumping into one another at music venues on a regular basis.

Last Year’s Girl comes very highly recommended and is written by one of the nicest and most affectionate people on the planet and who in recent weeks has even gotten herself on a new locally, based television studio as a reviewer. Maybe it won’t be too long till she’s famous to a wider audience – she deserves it.

These tunes are for you Lis:-

mp3 : Heavenly – Atta Girl
mp3 : Camera Obscura – Modern Girl
mp3 : BMX Bandits – The Next Girl
mp3 : Aztec Camera – Orchid Girl