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Twin Cities Harmonies – A Jayhawks ICA


I have received numerous electronic messages recently alerting me to the release of Paging Mr Proust a new record by The Jayhawks their 9th album in 30 years albeit only their second since 2003

That can only mean one thing – time for a Jayhawks ICA

I do not own this one or the 2011 predecessor Mockingbird Time or indeed their 1986 debut The Jayhawks (also known as The Bunkhouse Album ) so I shall concentrate on the six albums released between 1989 and 2003 when they, and indeed I, were at their peak

Side 1

1- Wichita from Hollywood Town Hall (1992)

Their third album and their breakthrough album Hollywood Town Hall on Def American is without question one of the top 10 albums of all time and Wichita is one of three tracks from it which will feature

2 – Sioux City from Blue Earth (1989)

A song which would have graced Johnny Cash’s American Recordings series.

I told this to Gary Louris and Marc Perlman the second time I ever say the Jayhawks

but given my slurred Glaswegian mutterings they merely looked bewildered and scared

3 – I’m Gonna Make You Love Me from Smile (2000)

Smile is perhaps the weakest of the 6 albums featured but still contains one or two crackers including this

4 – All The Right Reasons from Rainy Day Music (2003)

The last of the albums featured Rainy Day Music represents a return to form.

More acoustic than it’s two predecessors it sees the Jayhawks going back to their roots

There are about half a dozen songs that could have featured; on another day it might have been something else

5 – Nothing Left to Borrow from Tomorrow The Green Grass (1995)

A terrific sing a long song to bring the first side to a close

I had a very entertaining on line discussion with Brian ( and others as to the relative merits of Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow the Green Grass. The general consensus was that HTH just about shades it

Side 2

1 – Blue from Tomorrow The Green Grass (1995)

Probably their most well known song

I had the honour of seeing Sharleen Spitteri sing this with them at The Garage in Glasgow and getting to chat to her.

Being a fellow Weegie she had no problems with my accent

2 – Nevada, California from Hollywood Town Hall (1992)

See side 1, track 1 – nothing more to say really

3 – Sixteen Down – from Sound of Lies (1997)

The first album without Marc Olson. Now essentially it is Gary Louris’ band and accordingly there is a more rocky feel to it

From about the time when one of my pals christened him the Professor of Music.

I always associate the Jayhawks with Olson, Louris and Marc Perlman but Tim O’Reagan has appeared on more records than Marc Olson.

4 – Save it For a Rainy Day from Rainy Day Music (2003)

Another gorgeous acoustic number from Rainy Day Music

5 – Take Me With You When You Go from Hollywood Town Hall (1992)

It is only fitting that we end where we began with Hollywood Town Hall

Another great sing along which is often the last song at a show

Hmm – maybe I should check out Paging Mr Proust after all


JC adds…………………..this is an ICA that has been lying around for some time, so big thanks to CC for being so patient.  Oh and it’s his birthday today….so my very best wishes to you.  If you go browsing in and around the charity shops of your choice, I hope you find a few hidden gems and/or bargains.


  1. It’s your birthday Charity Chic, you should be receiving presents, not dishing them out! Fantastic compilation. A thoroughly enjoyable start to the day.

  2. Top notch, CC! Hollywood Town Hall has 10 songs. That would be my ICA. If I omitted that album, this would be my 10… in chronological order. Still don’t have the new one. Like you, I’m ready to pull the trigger.

    Blue (Tomorrow the Green Grass)
    The Man Who Loved Life (Sound of Lies)
    Big Star
    Smile (Smile)
    I’m Gonna Make You Love Me
    Somewhere in Ohio
    Save It For a Rainy Day (Rainy Day Music)
    One Man’s Problem
    Hide Your Colors (Mockingbird Time)
    She Walks in So Many Ways

    Light on Tomorrow the Green Grass. That’s a bit of a surprise since I think that’s the second-best album, but that’s how the individual songs sorted themselves out. Hope you’re having a great birthday.

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