My ability to include Book Group in this series is entirely down to the generosity of Mike from Manic Pop Thrills who gave me a copy of the band’s debut EP as gift when I turned 50 back in 2013. I’m quite lucky as it seems there were only 100 vinyl copies of the record ever pressed up.

Mike is a great champion of new and emerging Scottish bands, often promoting shows in Dundee which is the nearest city to his home town of Cupar. He’s the type who, when he latches onto a band, is really dogged and determined in his efforts to take them to a wider audience. I really admire what he does which is a much more difficult thing than merely writing every day about old songs and old music (and relying on guest contributions to up the quality!)

Book Group are a more than decent four-piece indie-pop band from Edinburgh who have been in existence since 2012 and have, to date, released two EPs, one single and one LP, all of which have positive press in print and on-line. I can do no better than direct you to their page over on bandcamp where you will find some more info and the ability to listen to a tune from their debut album as well as purchase digital copies of everything they’ve ever recorded, including this from the debut EP:-

mp3 : Book Group – Year Of The Cat