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Mother and The Addicts were a Glasgow-based band signed to Chemikal Underground Records, who formed in 2003.

Originally inspired by bands like Dr. Feelgood and The Modern Lovers, their later material gives a heady nod in the direction of Krautrock and sees an increasing complexity in their music combining elements of funk and rock and roll. Mother and the Addicts released their debut single “Who Art You Girls?” in December 2004, followed by “Oh yeah, You Look Quite Nice” in July 2005 and their debut album, Take The Lovers Home Tonight in August 2005. Their next single a double a side “Watch the Lines/Are Other?” was released in August 2007.

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Sam Smith, the brains and bandleader behind Mother And The Addicts, came to Chemikal Underground via a demo featuring various personae and alter egos: Duane Reddy was one but it was Mother And The Addicts and in particular the track ‘Fuck Me Mummy, I Feel Ugly’ that really stood out. Throwing Sam and his cohorts Ian, Peter (Val), Douglas and Kendall into the old Chem19 (at the same time The Delgados were recording ‘Universal Audio’) and asking them to record and complete their debut album, we may have inadvertently contributed to Sam temporarily losing his mind.

Their debut ‘Take The Lovers Home Tonight’ was an explosive, technicolour affair owing as much to Dr Feelgood and The Upsetters as it did The Violent Femmes or Roxy Music. The energy of their debut was harnessed and controlled (to a degree) by Paul Savage for their follow up (and Chemikal’s 100th release) ‘Science Fiction Illustrated’ in August 2007, an album which earned them plaudits aplenty…

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On 17 July 2008, the band announced on their website that they had disbanded.

mp3 : Mother and The Addicts – Oh Yeah, You Look Quite Nice