This came to me originally via a JtK compilation cassette, a few months after which I spotted a copy of the 12″ vinyl in a second-hand rack and despite the fact that I was increasingly moving onto CDs and rarely buying vinyl (which after all was in its death-throes) I had to own it.

The sleeve, as you can see, has an image of a young and be-quiffed Morrissey and he even contributes a spoken intro and outro to the track although I’ve a very strong feeling that these were sampled without his agreement given that the noise in between these contributions is anything but a tribute to him. Indeed it is all rather juvenile and puerile but the thing is, if I listen to it every two years or so, I find it funny.  More than that and it would probably annoy me.

What I do smile about is the thought of all of the Morrissey ultras out there who don’t think he can ever do anything wrong hearing this played and immediately issuing their equivalent of a fatwa.

mp3 : Warlock Pinchers – Morrissey Rides A Cockhorse

The band was from Denver and t’internet throws up info that they were more or less a punk comedy band who didn’t take anything all that seriously but played music in a loud and raucous way that made their live shows pretty memorable for anyone in the crowd….sometimes for all the wrong reasons.  About a decade or so later, a few bands took their look, image and sound and added in a bit of attitude around the skateboard scene, and made a fair bit of money along the way.  Then again, such bands knew that while cursing and swearing on stage was acceptable, it was a strict no-no when it came to actual records.

This particular single was released in 1989 by the San Francisco based Tupelo Recording Company. Looking at Discogs, there’s eight LPs/singles/compilations listed for The Warlock Pinchers between 1987 and 1991 across four different labels which perhaps indicates that even the record company bosses had difficulty pitching their product to the marketplace.