For some reason or other, I was absolutely certain that the EP featuring today had been the subject of a previous posting on this blog. But the fact that I, Ludicrous are not listed within the extensive list of bands and singers over on the right hand side would indicate that my recollections aren’t what they should be. Blame it on old age. It must have been over at the old blog………..

This lot have been kicking around since the mid 80s and are probably best known for the song on their debut flexidisc which was voted in at #11 in John Peel’s Festive Fifty of 1987:-

mp3 : I, Ludicrous – Preposterous Tales

I’m sure we all know and tolerate someone like Ken McKenzie……

An EP purchased back in 2008 is the only I, Ludicrous recording I physically own. It has five songs that sound like a cross between The Fall and Half Man Half Biscuit, covering subject matters as diverse as

launderette etiquette

mp3 : I, Ludicrous – Argument In The Launderette

allegedly funny comedy writers

mp3 : I, Ludicrous – The Ruby Wax Song

everyday people going on to television shows and having fights and meltdowns

mp3 : I, Ludicrous – Chav It Up With Jeremy Kyle

the secret past of a close friend

mp3 : I, Ludicrous – Finding Things Out About John

But the sole reason I bought the EP was its inclusion of a song that name-checked, what was at the time of release, all 15 clubs who take part in the most northern-based semi-professional football league in the UK (the league has since expanded to 18 teams). It is a brilliantly bonkers number that also pokes great fun at the sort of traditional accordion/fiddle tunes that are also greatly associated with the Scottish Highlands.

mp3 : I, Ludicrous – The Highland League

At the point of putting this piece together, Buckie Thistle, who hail from the small fishing town in which both Jacques the Kipper and MJ were raised, are top of the table, banging in the goals for fun but still locked in a three-way battle for supremacy with the two teams called Rangers – Brora and Cove. There’s no Celtic sides in the Highland League, but it’s worth mentioning that Buckie play in green and white hoops. (that’s a throwaway line for those of you who have any inkling about Scottish football – the majority of you are free to ignore it)