OK. I admit this is a bit of a cheat as this lot aren’t really what you’d call a truly Scottish musical combo.  But one half them is.  And they are on Creeping Bent Records, which is very much from this part of the world. And, as you’ll read, they were, technically, born in Scotland…..

From bandcamp:-

“Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus announced themselves as Creeping Bent’s house group remix supervisors, headed up by former Article 58 / Restricted Code / Altered Images drummer / guitarist Stephen Lironi. A techno RCTJ remix of Suicide‘s Frankie Teardrop started doing the rounds at clubs, leading to a fax being received at Creeping Bent HQ by Marty Thau (former New York Dolls and Suicide manager), who had released the debut Suicide album on his Red Star imprint. A deal was cut and Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus released Frankie Teardrop as a 12″ on Creeping Bent, gaining a NME Single of the Week in the process.

Thau informed Creeping Bent that Alan Vega loved the track so much that he wanted to join RCTJ, .. ergo Lironi headed to Brooklyn to write and record with Vega. Another couple of 12″ singles (Protection Rat / Pay Tha’ Wreck, Mr Music Man) followed, garnering further singles of the week in the weeklies. The resulting album –Righteous Lite – was Vega’s best album in years.”

Originally only released on CD in 1999, Righteous Life was issued on vinyl earlier this year.  Click here for more details and ways to order it.

This is one side of a 12″ single which has a home here in Villain Towers:-

mp3 : The Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus – Pay Tha Wrack, Mr Music King

See, it’s not all jingly-jangly pop.  It’s a track I’ve long wanted to post, certainly since the January 2021 reissue of the album, but I kept it to one side specifically until it came round to the turn of RCTJ in this long-running series.