Brian from Linear Track Lives yesterday posted a long-forgotten song from the 1980s:-

mp3 : A Craze – Wearing Your Jumper

He reminded us that it was an era for what he descibed as suave bands – the likes of Everything But The Girl, Carmel, Matt Bianco etc (I’ll throw in Blue Rondo A La Turk and Sade for good measure). He also provided a potted bio of A Craze – who were Lucy Loquette and Chris Free, among whose claims to fame were that they wrote “Give It Some Emotion,” which was the second biggest charting single in the career of Tracie Young. Just as important was the release of the single “Wearing Your Jumper” which was not only on Respond Records but was produced by the label owner – Paul Weller – whil the other two male members of The Style Council played on it. (Mick Talbot on the Wurlitzer and Steve White on percussion.)

I hadn’t heard this single for more than 30 years but the moment it came on it brought back some crazy and mostly happy memories as it was one of the tunes which featured on ‘The Hangover Tape’ in my first student flat. One side of a C90 cassette consisting of laid back tunes from female fronted bands.

It wasn’t me who put the tape together – in fact it wasn’t any of us who rented the flat who was responsible. It was the work of another mate who more or less moved in on Friday nights as our city centre location allowed him to have a great weekend and somewhere to stay without the hassle and expense of getting home to his folks’ place in the suburbs. There were lots of laughs on Sunday mornings/afternoons while this tape played and listening last night to A Craze after all such a long gap saw incidents and events I hadn’t thought about for so long come flooding back into my mind.

Here’s another two tracks that were on the tape:-

mp3 : Everything But The Girl – Each and Every One
mp3 : Carmel – Storm

Thanks Brian.




One of the things I’m enjoying about adding the ‘Categories’ section to the blog is that I can see where I’ve failed to post anything on T(n)VV about a particular song.

Back in 1985, Everything But The Girl released a real killer of a 45. It was backed by two tremendous b-sides, one of which was a cover that was every bit as memorable as the original. It was a single that deserved to be a huge hit but which stalled at #77.

mp3 : Everything But The Girl – When All’s Well  **
mp3 : Everything But The Girl – Heaven Help Me
mp3 : Everything But The Girl – Kid

I did write about this single over on the old blog and made the observation that I was amazed at the time that fans of The Smiths fans failed to be turned on to its charms in great numbers given that all the songs weren’t a million miles removed from the sort of tunes Johnny Marr was writing and recording at the time.

A real old friend of the blog, Echorich, made a very astute comment at the time:-

“AHH…and I am greatly satisfied that we concur! EBTG’s Kid ranks among my favorite covers of any song. Tracey and Ben put their sonic stamp on it without losing the depth in the lyrics…that ambiguity is still there!

And your Morrissey/Marr connection is a valid one, especially as Johnny has the odd Harmonica contribution to some early EBTG songs and the band played Smith’s songs in concert on at least 3 tours that I can remember.”

Of course, later on Moz would take the title of this great single and release a track entitled In The Future When All’s Well.….

What has always been particularly interesting about EBTG is that they were so keen to quickly move on to different genres of music rather than run the risk of remaining pigeon-holed and becoming stale. A read through Tracey Thorn’s hugely entertaining autobiography sheds some great light on this. It also illustrates just how crazy things can get when one of your songs really takes off across Europe and further afield as it did for Tracey and Ben some nine years later.

But that’s a story for another day.

** at third time of asking I now have the link to the song sorted out.  Sorry for the fuck up.



With apologies that it has taken five posts to have some entirely new material not ripped off from TVV.

This trio of tracks by Everything But The Girl from 1985 have a Sunday morning sort of feel to them.  The single is the closing track from the Love Not Money LP and the follow-up to what were two outstanding but flop 45s – Native Land and When All’s Well.

Unsurprisingly for a song that doesn’t have a chorus to speak of and whose main narrative has a child begging outside a church at Christmas time it didn’t get a great deal of radio play and inevitably it failed to crack the Top 75. Released at a time when many left-leaning pop stars were venting their anger about various government policies via their songs, the sentiment behind making it a single are noble but it was sadly always doomed to failure.

mp3 : Everything But The Girl – Angel

There’s a couple of lovely songs tucked away on the b-side.  It’s back to the classic, adorable early days of EBTG with just Ben Watt on guitar or piano and so giving Tracey Thorn all the room available for her wonderful voice to come over:-

mp3 : Everything But The Girl – Pigeons In The Attic Room

mp3 : Everything But The Girl – Charmless Callous Ways

The former is so tinged with the sound of sad country that it sounds like a Pasty Cline cover while the latter is a wonderful reminder of their version of The Paris Match that appeared on the debut album of The Style Council.  They really are two superb songs that are over all too quickly with a combined running time of three and half minutes.