With apologies that it has taken five posts to have some entirely new material not ripped off from TVV.

This trio of tracks by Everything But The Girl from 1985 have a Sunday morning sort of feel to them.  The single is the closing track from the Love Not Money LP and the follow-up to what were two outstanding but flop 45s – Native Land and When All’s Well.

Unsurprisingly for a song that doesn’t have a chorus to speak of and whose main narrative has a child begging outside a church at Christmas time it didn’t get a great deal of radio play and inevitably it failed to crack the Top 75. Released at a time when many left-leaning pop stars were venting their anger about various government policies via their songs, the sentiment behind making it a single are noble but it was sadly always doomed to failure.

mp3 : Everything But The Girl – Angel

There’s a couple of lovely songs tucked away on the b-side.  It’s back to the classic, adorable early days of EBTG with just Ben Watt on guitar or piano and so giving Tracey Thorn all the room available for her wonderful voice to come over:-

mp3 : Everything But The Girl – Pigeons In The Attic Room

mp3 : Everything But The Girl – Charmless Callous Ways

The former is so tinged with the sound of sad country that it sounds like a Pasty Cline cover while the latter is a wonderful reminder of their version of The Paris Match that appeared on the debut album of The Style Council.  They really are two superb songs that are over all too quickly with a combined running time of three and half minutes.



  1. With that title I thought you had finally embraced the joys of dubstep or the latest sub genre of techno JC.

  2. There’s a sub genre called ‘techno JC’???? The things you learn…………..

    Well done to your newly-named mob at the football yesterday. Maybe the misery of last season can finally be put behind you.

  3. Been searching out this single forever! It is a definite hole in my EBTG vinyl canon…Angel is a pure, classic song. EBTG was never really overt in their lyric politic, but got the message across non the less.

  4. Played well yesterday. Looks like we have signed some half decent, hungry youngsters and Chris O’Neil again was outstanding, I fear that we won’t have that young man for too much longer.

  5. Man I am glad you resurrected yourself, mr villain. You are truly one of the shining lights of music blogdom.

  6. I’ll echo rachel’s comment;: a great book. I read it on holiday over Easter and listened to my Marine Girls/EBTG/solo stufff as each chapter unfolded. It also introduced me to the Go -Betweens whom I’d overlooked at the time

  7. i’ll third that comment on the book…

    never knew too much marine girls or EBTG so listened to it on spotify as i read the book… very enjoyable…

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