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This incredible weather we’ve had in the UK  this past month took me back to the release of these songs.

mp3 : The Style Council – Long Hot Summer

mp3 : The Style Council – Party Chambers

mp3 : The Style Council – The Paris Match

mp3 : The Style Council – Le Depart

mp3 : The Style Council – Long Hot Summer (extended version)

Paul Weller’s decision to break up The Jam was totally vindicated with the success of this EP.  Released in August 1983 in the middle of an extended heatwave, it hitting #3 in the UK charts meant it became the backdrop to what, looking back, was the most ridiculously carefree and easy time as I moved out of the family home and into my first student flat at the age of 20.

There were three of us sharing digs. Two of us had a blast as we had passed all our exams.  Long walks around the open spaces of Glasgow with camera in hand, we were the most pretentious folk you could dread bumping into but at the time we were oblivious to it all.  Chatting away loudly and super-confidently about our favourite bands, books, TV programmes and who really was the most attractive female on campus meant the days flew in.  The third flatmate was miserable as he had to pass two re-sits before he would be allowed to continue with his course – the Long Hot Summer of 1983 really did pass him by.

This was also the time when I underwent a huge musical education as one of the flatmates, being a bit richer than anyone I had known up to this point in my life, had a record collection that would have been the envy of everyone but John Peel. For the next 12 months I would immerse myself in all his old and current records buying not all that much myself but building up the most enormous collection of cassettes…..the problem of course came 12 months later when as flatmates we went our separate ways…..panic buying was the only solution for me!

Thirty one years on and I look back lovingly at my student summers….it’s a huge contrast to nowadays with so many young folk now having to find seasonal work to help pay off the debts being run up and of course worrying about what sort of job they’re going to eventually graduate into.  It’s frightening to think that the UK has best educated and over-qualified retail assistants in civilisation.

I digress.  Apologies.

Long Hot Summer is a timeless classic. I will have no dissenting voices on that……and isn’t it incredible just how similar in looks the cyclist Bradley Wiggins is to the sunglasses wearing Paul Weller of 1983??


3 thoughts on “31 LONG HOT SUMMERS AGO…..SIGH!

  1. The Style Council is core to my record collection from first single to this year’s cash in Box Set. Mr. Weller could do no wrong in those days and in the days since TSC has only done a bit wrong. The Triumvirate that is Long Hot Summer, My Ever Changing Moods and You’re The Best Thing were the soundtrack to much of my University life.

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