Eels are a very unusual and distinctive band. They’re probably in loads of collections thanks to their inclusion on all sorts of compilation CDs that have accompanied film soundtracks, including including Scream 2, American Beauty, Road Trip, Holes, The Anniversary Party, Knocked Up, Yes Man, The End of Violence, Hellboy II, Hot Fuzz, The Big White, and the first three Shrek movies. I’d imagine that a lot of folk who were then attracted to buy more stuff by the band as a result of the soundtrack material would likely be baffled by what they picked up….it’s not always the easiest or most comfortable of listening.

They also once did a very unusual cover. This was the fabulous original:-

And here’s the equally fabulous cover in which the original is twisted and kicked around to produce something rather disturbing:-

mp3 : Eels – Get Ur Freak On