mp3 : Strangelove – Living with the Human Machines

Strangelove were one of those bands that should have but never did. Formed in 1991 they centred around singer Patrick Duff. They release three albums before splitting in 1998. This comes off their second album ‘Love and Other Demons’ and was the first single from it (and its not the best song off it – see Beautiful Alone for that – if that was released today Radio 1 would play it every twenty minutes). It peaked at Number 53. They were good mates with Radiohead and Richey Edwards from the Manic Street Preachers. That is kind of reflected in the sound, it’s a bit like Radiohead, a bit like Suede, a bit like Gene, a bit like this and a bit like that, a lot like The Smiths.

I have very fond memories of Strangelove and Patrick Duff in particular. When this record came out I interviewed them before a gig at the London Astoria where they were supporting the wonderful Whipping Boy (hope they are in this box!) and Patrick Duff spoke openly about his problem with amphetamines and a growing thirst for vodka. He needed half a bottle before going on stage just to calm his nerves, despite the blatant alcoholism he was articulate, intelligence, and very witty. He had a habit of falling asleep through interviews which I think didn’t help him that much (or maybe, probably, I was just a terrible interviewer). I think I wrote once that if it wasn’t for the alcoholism, then their first two albums would have been masterpieces, and I maintain that view today . The gig at the Astoria was packed for Strangelove and they were tremendous (not as good as Whipping Boy, but who was?). Patrick Duff released a solo record in 2005 and it’s worthy of a listen. I’m told he lives in Devon now on the wilds of Dartmoor, I’m kind of hoping I bump into him next time I’m in Chagford.

Note from JC

I only have two Strangelove singles in my vinyl/CD  collection but what I do have is Quality with a very large capital Q…

mp3 : Strangelove – Beautiful Alone

mp3 : Strangelove – Sway

The latter is extremely lovely.  It also has a very fine cover on the b-side:-

mp3 : Strangelove – Moon River (live acoustic version)

Oh I forgot about this – a track from some compilation LP given away by a magazine back in 1994:-

mp3 : Strangelove – Time For The Rest Of Your Life

Essential listening if you’re a fan of Suede and Moz.  As the SW Correspondent says, a band that should have but never did….