The Unwinding Hours are part of the wonderful array of acts who are signed to Chemikal Underground records wwhich, without any question, is the most important and influential independent record label to ever have come out of Scotland for a whole range of reasons.

Here’s what the label website has to say about today’s featured act:-

For those laid low by the untimely and cruel demise of Aereogramme, raise your voices to the heavens and thank the stars for a new Aereogramme-esque incaranation: The Unwinding Hours. Comprising of Craig B and Iain Cook from the much-missed Glaswegian outfit, The Unwinding Hours was the product of a patient and deliberate birthing process, Craig B venturing into Iain’s Alucard Studios to work up songs he wasn’t entirely sure would ever see the light of day.

As time marched on and the recordings progressed, so too did the realisation that they were rather fucking impressive and lo…The Unwinding Hours was/were born. Where did the name come from? Well, hawk-eyed (and we do mean hawk-eyed) fans of The Shining may well recognise them as the advertised ‘house’ band at The Overlook Hotel.

The band have released two tremendous LPs – the self-titled debut in 2010 and Afterlives in 2012. The digital single featuring today is from the latter of these records, and again this is from the label website:-

Bookended by two emphatic drum workouts, ‘Wayward’, the first single from The Unwinding Hours’ long-awaited second album ‘Afterlives’, is unequivocal in its disdain for time-wasting. A bit rich perhaps, coming from a band who took two and a half years completing the follow-up to their self-titled debut, but closer inspection reveals that, while hours may have unwound, they certainly weren’t wasted.

Having emerged from the ashes of cult Glasgow band Aereogramme, The Unwinding Hours are a labour of love for Craig B and Iain Cook: a project afforded whatever time is deemed necessary to produce songs as powerful and affecting as ‘Wayward’. Recalling the turbo-charged melodicism of Bob Mould’s Sugar and the melancholic verve of Mark Eitzel’s American Music Club, The Unwinding Hours new single is a powerful reminder that time spent getting something right, can never be time wasted.

mp3 : The Unwinding Hours – Wayward

The other track on the single is otherwise unavailable….

mp3 : The Unwinding Hours – Isaac

If you like what you’ve heard, may I please suggest that you click here and visit the Chemikal Underground online shop where you can have a browse around the tremendous stuff that is available to listen to and then to purchase. You can opt for digital copies (waaaaaay superior to that offered via this blog) or go for physical product in the shape of vinyl or CDs or indeed things from the t-shirt collections.

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