State Broadcasters

The State Broadcasters consist of Pete MacDonald (piano, trombone, vocals), Gillian Fleetwood (harp, accordian, vocals), Cameron Maxwell (double bass, trombone, electric bass, vocals), David McGinty (guitar and vocals) and Susan Appelbe (cello, vocals).

The combination of instruments deployed should indicate this is not the usual far you find on TVV, but I do happen to have a number of tracks from various compilation albums.

They have been together for quite some time, and the musicians are also involved in other groups or projects (e.g., Pete is part of Randolph’s Leap).

The debut album, The Ship and The Iceberg, emerged in 2009 via Electric Honey Records, while the two subsequent LPs, Ghosts We Must Carry (2012) and A Different Past (2017), were issued by Olive Grove Records, a label whose support for the music scene in Scotland is very admirable.

mp3: The State Broadcasters – Be The Someone

As found on Get Into The Grove : 10 Years of Olive Grove, which is an excellent compilation.