Listening again recently to Curve‘s great take on I Feel Love (as featured in the recent look back at Ruby Trax) got me to look out an equally great bit of music.

Sadly, I didn’t buy the single on its release in March 1995, preferring instead to spend money on the parent LP. If I had, it would have been a candidate for inclusion on my 45 45s at 45 list back in 2008 which would have given Leftfield two entries in the rundown as their collaboration with John Lydon did come in at #19.

mp3 : Leftfield/Halliday – Original (album version)

One of the best bits of dance music ever released.

And listening to it again made me determined to get my hands on a second-hand copy of said single.  And here it is:-

mp3 : Leftfield/Halliday – Original (radio edit)
mp3 : Leftfield/Halliday – Original (live dub)
mp3 : Leftfield/Halliday – Original (jam)
mp3 : Leftfield – Filter Fish

The radio edit has two minutes shorn from the album version but hasn’t been butchered too much; the live dub is largely instrumental, extending out to over seven and a half minutes and containing the occasional note that when played in a live setting goes right through to the depths of your stomach and turns it inside out; the jam is totally instrumental and quite a move away from the original (pun intended) version and is quite unrecognisable for the most part; the new song is a fast frantic dance floor instrumental that will be of appeal to those who are big on the remix treatment often handed out to New Order songs.