Northside were a Manchester band, and given what Factory Records was becoming famous for at the beginning of the 90s, it was a natural home for them. But they were another to suffer from the curse of the label’s inability to get product out when it most mattered – this was something that affected even the likes of New Order and Happy Mondays.

There were three singles and one LP released before the label went bust and the band broke up.

This was one of the singles which I’m sure brings back fine memories for those of you who loved popping your Ecstasy tablets…..

mp3 : Northside – Shall We Take A Trip?
mp3 : Northside – Moody Places

Just looked it up and turns out it was their debut for Factory (FAC 268) and the single was banned by the BBC thanks to the drugs references.

Here also is the 12″ version of their final single – a cracking bit of indie/baggy pop that should have been a massive hit, helped, as indeed were all their releases, by the usual marvellous job from producer Ian Broudie:-

mp3 : Northside – Take 5 (12″ version)