From the Big Gold Dreams booklet:-

The Primevals raucous brand of garage band trash was more reminiscent of The Cramps and The Gun Club than the increasingly smooth sounds emanating from their Glasgow doorstep. Based around the wild vocals of Michael Rooney and driven by Tom Rafferty’s guitar, the original line-up released their Where Are You? before being picked up by French label New Rose, who released three albums and several singles, including Living in Hell. While the band reformed first in 1990, then more substantially in 1997, Honeyman and Rafferty formed instrumental surf-beat combo The Beat Poets. With early New Rose material collected on he On the Red Eye compilation, new material appeared on the There is no Other Life and This is It album in 2007, with (Disinhibitor) following in 2010 and Heavy War in 2012.

As you’ve likely guessed, today’s track can be found on one of the five discs which make up the BGD boxset:-

mp3: The Primevals – Living In Hell

It’s not the sort of thing that I was listening to on its release back in 1985, but I’m reasonably partial to it now all these years later, although not quite enough to go and seek out the back catalogue.