45 45s @ 45 : SWC STYLE (Part 35)


11 – She Moves She – Four Tet (2003, Domino Records)

Released as a single in March 2003 (Reached Number 60)

“Go and get the bags then” this is Mrs SWC and we are not as you might expect in a hotel or even travelling to one. We are in our lounge. I’ll explain.

I’ve been decorating the hallway in our house, I’ve spent a fruitful morning stripping the old wallpaper off the walls and washing them all down to make them ready to be painted. Usually I stick the headphones in and just get on with it, otherwise it bores me to tears, and Mrs SWC and I fight about the right way to paint a wall. I have made myself a decent little compilation to listen to. The music is relaxing, Four Tet merges almost seamlessly into Caribou and then Death In Vegas and it is putting me in a very chilled mood. Mrs SWC lets me get on with the hard work, I whistle as I work.

Sun – Caribou (2010, City Slang, Did Not Chart)

Dirge – Death in Vegas (1999, Concrete Records, Number 135)

About an hour or so later I’ve done three-quarters of the hallway when I have to move the cabinet. The cabinet is an item of furniture that has been with us for a couple of decades, we picked up it in a charity shop in Exeter for about £30 and the plan was to sand it back, paint it and make it lovely. We’ve not touched it. We throw a table cloth over it and fill it with junk. It has become the place where we store, hats, keys, cycle helmets. We kind of just dumped it in the corner of the hallway and that is where it has sat ever since.

Mrs SWC gives me a hand in moving the cabinet, she compliments me on the job that I am doing and shows me the two types of paint that she has chosen for the walls. One is a white with a grey twinge to it, its proper colour according to the manufacturer is ‘Dimple’. Obviously. The other one is an eggshell blue which will go around the top of the hallway, above the coat rack and the mirror. My wife tells me she will do that bit.

She moves over to where the cabinet was and stands on the carpet and starts to idly peel some of the old wallpaper off. Then she stops and touches the carpet. “Its all bumpy here” she tells me, and then “there is something hard under the carpet”. Within seconds Mrs SWC is pulling back the carpet in the hallway. She lets out a little gasp about thirty seconds later. She calls me over, I had stopped for a sandwich, so I wander over, tomato and cucumbers still in my mouth and look at what she has done and there under our carpet, undisturbed since we moved in is a trapdoor. A bit of cucumber dramatically falls from my mouth as Mrs SWC pulls the trapdoor open.

She tells me to grab a torch.

I shine the torch down the hole in the floorboards. I’m not ashamed to say that my hand is shaking slightly as I do it. Its as if I’m expecting a zombie hoard to clamber out and eat our brains. We peer down the trapdoor, she tells me that she has seen this sort of thing before and that it will probably be a storage space under the floorboards, quite common in houses built slightly raised up in the late 50s and 60s. I nod my head in a slightly disappointed way.

The space under the floor is about ten-foot square and looks to be exactly what Mrs SWC says it is. It’s then we see the bags.

In the corner of the room are three bags. One is an old Adidas sports bag, the sort of one some of us would have had in the early 80s. I had a red one that had Arsenal Cup Winners 1979 on it. I’ve never been an Arsenal fan, my nan bought it for me. The second one is a green bag that obviously has something in it because you can see something sticking out the top. The third one is rubble sack style bag that again looks like it has something in it, probably rubble.

We sit back and I finish my sandwich. Mrs SWC looks at me and tells me with a smile “Well at least we know where they hid the chopped up bodies”. Which is when she tells me to go and get the bags. Or at least she says, “Look in them”.

And I love a cliffhanger. So, I’ll tell you what was in them next time.




There is a tiny Scottish feeling to this weeks column.

Firstly, I have just read that every year more than 1000 people placed a bet this year that the football score East Fife 5 Forfar 4 will occur. This genuinely made my choke on my cereal. 5 -4 scorelines in football are rare – even rarer when two teams with names that sound slightly like the numbers play each other. If you ask me that is 1000 people with far too much time on their hands. Although I do imagine that if the scoreline does occur, the BBC would probably eat itself with excitement.

Secondly the CD of choice this week was from Octopus a band from Aberdeen who signed to Food Records (home of Blur and Jesus Jones) in the mid 90s.

They were a mid table indie band with a liking for big choruses. Sadly, when I put the CD in the machine it refused to play. Which is a shame because this is a belter of a record, I remember it well and always thought that it should have reached much higher in the charts than it did. When it came out, I had a guest reviewing the singles with me and after we listened to this, with its trumpet inspired chorus we had a small chat about the use of brass in singles and whether this was a good thing or not, we decided pretty much as long as they didn’t ruin the song it was ok (so you’d better but the bugle down down Mr Mumford). My guest reviewer loved this song (understandably) and described it memorably as ‘a brass blessed beauty rather than a trumpet troubled turd’. I gave him an extra pork pie for the wonder of his alliteration alone.

I’d loved to post this song but can’t post it, my only hope is that JC has it earmarked for his Scottish Single Series because your lives (well your ears at least) will be all the better for hearing it.

(JC adds…..I do have the track via one of those indie compilations that were all the rage in the Britpop era….and while S-WC is quick to sing its praises, I’m more inclined to say that it’s a very fine Oasis tribute.)

mp3 : Octopus – Your Smile

So instead of that I have done a random shuffle on my iPod (Classic 3rd Gen, 8830 songs) and will post the first three songs that come on. So first up we have: –

Oooh allow me a moment here ‘TUNE’ – ‘Arena’ – Suuns. Suuns are a Canadian band that sprang to our attention a few backs with their debut album ‘Zeroes QC’. This was to be was the standout track from that album. It has a kind of space rock feel to it as it whooshes along magically. ‘Zeroes QC’ comes highly recommended as well. They released a second album last year ‘Images du Futur’ which to be honest wasn’t as good.

mp3 : Suuns – Arena

Second song – my iPod is being kind to you all this morning ‘Coalition’ – Iceage.  Iceage, are a Danish punk band, and they rock like bastards. Fiercely independent and with a strong fan based ethic they have released two albums quite quietly in the last couple of years, the second ‘You’re Nothing’ was an absolute treasure of a record, it’s all done and dusted in about 35 minutes but it leaves you breathless, great shouty, simple, spiky punk rock. They also sing occasionally in Danish which is a rare treat. If you like Iceage (and you should) I recommend you check out Metz (another great Canadian band) and Radkey who do similar things in a shouty manner.

mp3 : Iceage – Coalition

Finally, aah lovely, ‘Aerial’ – Four Tet – this is taken from last years ‘Beautiful Rewind’ album. I’ve said before that I love Four Tet and think that the brains behind it Kieron Hebden is a genius (NME people if you are reading – here is a Godlike Genius you should celebrate don’t waste your time with Blondie, you fools). Four Tet make beautiful music, rarely do they release a bad record. If you check out their website there are also regularly loads of free downloads of mixtapes (one just last week, an hour of free dance music) and other bits and pieces. If you are not familiar with Four Tet, the best place to start is ‘Rounds’ that is an album that deserves to sit in anyones Top 50 ever. Radiohead fans should check out their remix of Skttrbrain’ too.

mp3 : Four Tet – Aerial

See you next week hopefully with a CD that plays!

JC adds again……
That’s the first time any of those four bands have appeared on this or the previous blog, so thanks again to S-WC for broadening mine and maybe some of your horizons. I have previously featured that Radiohead remix that was mentioned:

mp3 : Radiohead – Skttrbrain (Four Text Remix)