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Faye Wong (born 8 August 1969) is a Chinese singer-songwriter and actress, often referred to as a “diva” (Chinese: 天后; literally: “Heavenly Queen”) in Chinese-language media.

Born in Beijing, she moved to British Hong Kong in 1987 and came to public attention in the early 1990s by singing ballads in Cantonese.  Since 1994 she has recorded mostly in her native Mandarin, often combining alternative music with mainstream Chinese pop. In 2000 she was recognised by Guinness World Records as the Best Selling Canto-Pop Female.  Following her second marriage in 2005 she withdrew from the limelight, but returned to the stage in 2010 amidst immense interest in the Sinophone world.

Hugely popular in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, she has also gained a large following in Japan.

Faye has named the Scottish post-punk group Cocteau Twins among her favourite bands  and their influence was clear on her 1994 Cantonese album, Random Thoughts (胡思亂想). The title track  is a cover of the Cocteau Twins’ single “Bluebeard”, while track 5 on the CD, “Know Oneself and Each Other”, covered their song “Know Who You Are at Every Age”, from their 1993 album Four-Calendar Café.

mp3 : Faye Wong – Bluebeard
mp3 : Faye Wong – Know Who You Are At Every Age

Later on, FayeWong would actually work with Cocteau Twins, recording lead vocal on a version of Serpentskirt from the Milk and Kisses LP of 1996, with Liz Fraser contributing backing vocals.

mp3 : Faye Wong – Serpentskirt