I was clearly enjoying myself.  41 posts in total during January 2007 but not all from from my own fingertips as Comrade Colin agreed, having killed off the very blog that had inspired me to get things going, to dip his toe back in the water with contributions to TVV.  That was the next stage of what has become a very important friendship on my part…one that began with exchanges of e-mails for a long long time before we finally met up…but that wasn’t to be for a further 12 months despite the fact we lived and worked in the same city.  But I’m getting ahead of myself now.

Colin contributed four posts during the month, all penned in that singularly idiosyncratic style of his.  He featured Delta 5, Airport Girl, The Hair & Skin Trading Company and The Apple Scruffs.  Here’s one of said posts;-

Alex: After you drink to love and happiness forever!


Oh, here we go. If I don’t start with something I’ll end with nothing. Me, embarrassing myself again. It’s late, I’m kind of drunk on cheap champagne (a ‘ This Life +10′ thing – insert a massive-fucking-sigh about here – did it make u cry as much as me?) and I’m nostalgic for a time I can’t really remember (’79-’81). So, a perfect moment, really, to post my first song at TVV (my humble thanks to our host, JC, for inviting me to ruin, shame, spoil and depress all things TVV (1).  More words and songs later, from me, when I’m a bit more capable (that is, more drunk, more sober, more ‘me’). But, for now, some Delta 5… where, exactly, did they get to? Was it traffic? Honestly, I can do contemporary as well, but when the past is this good why not bring it back to the land of the(neo-liberal, late-capitalist) dead? Punk-funk-fucking-tastic I say! (*collective-cringe*)

mp3 : Delta 5 – Anticipation

(1) My contributions, my remit, for TVV is an open one so expect: a) lots of sad songs, b) lots of Scottish songs, c) lots of words that may encourage you to switch off, d) lots of black and white pictures of a colourful world) and d) nothing but the honest truth, m’lud.


2013 update.  It took a while, but some love and happiness did come Colin’s way in due course.  More than once – the first time was short-lived but now it looks like the full-blown thing…

Delta 5??  Read more here….