Captain America previously featured in this series – it was part 49 last November – and I did promise then that I’d follow up in the initial story once I got to the letter ‘E’.

The legal threats from Marvel Comics saw the band change name to Eugenius, a play on the name/nickname of frontman Eugene Kelly. The support of Kurt Cobain, who was genuinely in awe of Kelly’s talents, led to a deal with Atlantic Records in 1992 but in all truth it wasn’t a comfortable fit, particularly as the label wanted instant returns.

Two albums, a handful of singles and a live EP would all attract critical acclaim but not huge sales and it was no real shock that they were dropped in 1994.  A few years later, Eugene Kelly released a solo album before, to the suprise and delight of many, he and Frances McKee reformed The Vaselines in 2008. But that’s for another follow-up when I get eventually to the letter V.

Here’s the title track of the debut LP:-

mp3 : Eugenius – Oomalama