Captain America previously featured in this series – it was part 49 last November – and I did promise then that I’d follow up in the initial story once I got to the letter ‘E’.

The legal threats from Marvel Comics saw the band change name to Eugenius, a play on the name/nickname of frontman Eugene Kelly. The support of Kurt Cobain, who was genuinely in awe of Kelly’s talents, led to a deal with Atlantic Records in 1992 but in all truth it wasn’t a comfortable fit, particularly as the label wanted instant returns.

Two albums, a handful of singles and a live EP would all attract critical acclaim but not huge sales and it was no real shock that they were dropped in 1994.  A few years later, Eugene Kelly released a solo album before, to the suprise and delight of many, he and Frances McKee reformed The Vaselines in 2008. But that’s for another follow-up when I get eventually to the letter V.

Here’s the title track of the debut LP:-

mp3 : Eugenius – Oomalama



  1. Kurt Cobain did a lot for UK indie acts, as well as loads of American ones. The Vaselines were virtually unknown here, and he revived interest in the Raincoats and Young Marble Giants. He did the same in the States for unheralded bands like the Frogs, Daniel Johnston and the Wipers. Same for Japan’s Shonen Knife. Nirvana’s cover of ‘Molly’s Lips’ is still a favorite of mine, even though it’s only got 2 chords.

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