Some ten years ago, big things were being predicted for an Edinburgh-based trio called Damn Shames. Consisting of three 19-year olds – Simon Richardson (vocals, guitar), Matthew Deary (vocals, guitar) and Jacob Burns (bass) – they had no sooner cut a debut single for a locally based label that they were being linked with a move to a major. They were also the subject of a decent-length piece in The Guardian newspaper in November 2007 which likened them to Fire Engines while giving a plug to their new 7″ single which was being issue by an offshoot of London-based XL Records.

mp3 : Damn Shames – Fear of Assault

There is undoubtedly a link to the post-punk era, and while it was a bit lazy of the Guardian journo to reference an earlier Edinburgh band it was a link that made some sense. For further reference points, the article also asked readers to imagine a more punky Suicide having a dance-off with Public Image Ltd.

The single however, sunk without trace. And I can find nothing else about the band afterwards.

Here’s the b-side:-

mp3 : Damn Shames – Last Things

Enjoy. And yes, that is Edinburgh Castle in the background of the photo above.


  1. Well, the boys certainly sound…energetic. The Fire Engines reference isn’t untoward. Discogs shows that there was a second single called ‘Dancing in the Aisles’ released on a German label. Curious.

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