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Stevie Jones is a prolific musician, composer and producer, and a key figure in the underground Glasgow music scene for more than two decades.

Imagine the universe of Sound of Yell as an artist’s studio or a theatre props store, where instead of paints and brushes and jumbled boxes there are instruments and sounds and motifs mingled together, some to melodious effect, others fusing to conjure an eerie dissonance.

Overseeing this Aladdin’s cave of sound and song is Jones, whose balance of the deliberate and the spontaneous has become a signature developed through countless collaborations – including Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat, Alasdair Roberts, Emma Pollock and Arab Strap – the groundbreaking quartet El Hombre Trajeado (alongside guitarist RM Hubbert) and stints composing music and sound design for Scotland’s leading theatre companies.

There have been two albums – Broken Spectre (2014) and Leapling (2020) – both of which were released by Chemikal Underground.

I’ve a copy of the debut album, and it’s quite unlike anything else I have in the collection.  I’ve a feeling the song I’ve selected from it won’t appeal to many regulars, but who knows?

mp3: Sound Of Yell – Scuttling

It’s the first of eight tracks on Broken Spectre.



  1. I am delighted that Stevie is receiving such recognition within the pages of TVV. His knowledge, skill and enthusiam – even at 17 – were there for all to see. In those early days it was clear it was only a matter of time before he joined a band. It was the heady days of the Kazoo and 99p clubs.
    A longtime friend of RM Hubbert with Me, Hubby and Tom and El Hombre Trajeado , Stevie went on to become a much-in-demand sound engineer and a preferred session musician and colloborator: Bill Wells as well as many others. He is now incredibly well known in Scotland as a musician of some dexterity but seems to keep his profile low.

    I recall, a long time ago now, him discussing some of the people he admired and me knowing few to none of them. What a smorgasbord – lots of Jazz and world guitarists. Happy memories.

    Great musician. Lovely guy.

  2. Some maybe interesting ‘things’ popped into my head after seeing the article about Stevie. Here goes…

    Stevie’s older brother Ben? (I’m happy to be corrected) was in The Fortune Cookies. My recollection is that was one of, if not the first bands, that Stevie joined and played live with at The 13th Note. It was for a short time.

    The Fortune Cookies and it’s members played in several other bands in and around that scene. Thomspace provides an excellent overview. Click on Music for the info and some wonderfully evocative photos.

    I’m happy to say I saw all from Ten Pee Invaders to Karelia.

    I know for sure that I was at the gig below…

    Tuesday, 26th October. 1993.
    The Fortune Cookies, The Poison Sisters, Me, Hubby and Thom and Urusei Yatsura. Kazoo Club. The 13th Note. Glassford Street. 553 1638. 8.30pm. Free. Second week of bands celebrating the Kazoo Club’s first birthday. Tonight‘s performances will be recorded for a future release.

    Info coped from:

  3. I saw Sound of Yell supporting Alasdair Roberts in 2016 and was so impressed I bought a copy of Broken Spectre from Stevie straight after their set. Four years later I got in early on the presell for Leapling and if anything it’s an even better album. A proposed 2020 tour was presumably scuppered by Covid, but I hope I get to catch up with them again in the future.

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