Butcher Boy are coming out of an extended hibernation and are set to release new material and play a live gig as part of Record Store Day 2017.

A new 3-track EP, on 7″ vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, is being issued by Damaged Goods Records.  It will contain the band version of the song that I was able to draw to your attention last August:-

mp3 : Butcher Boy – November 1951, Bad Things Happen When It’s Quiet (strings version)

The other two tracks on the EP are November 1947, Storm Warning In Effect and July 1950, The Captain Is The Whale.  It’s the most ambitious recording the band has undertaken with guest vocalists and a choir joining the regular eight-strong cast.

The details of the supporting gig, at which the new EP will be launched, can be found in the photo at the top of this post.  It is exactly one month today on Saturday 22 April.

As I’ve never been to a show at Govanhill Baths before, it will become the 79th venue I’ve paid money to see a gig at a location in Glasgow, but the first in which the band will be performing, and the audience seated, in what was previously a Victorian-era swimming pool. I’m informed that Butcher Boy will be in the deep end while the 120 seats will look down on them from the shallower parts of the pool.

Tickets for this incredibly unique event can be found at :

Can’t wait.


5 thoughts on “BONUS POST : #79…..BUT A GENUINE FIRST

  1. CC…you should come along the gig if you’re free that evening. They are very highly thought of at Villain Towers…

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