Feels a bit like after the Lord Mayor’s show this week

I thought that was a very astute comment from Friend of Rachel Worth having to deliberate on two matches which don’t really come close to that  offered via last week’s titanic battle between New Order and The Clash…and yes, there does seem to be an inevitablity about the latter’s march to glory which is reminiscent of German football sides in World Cups.  But they still have three games they have to win if they are to take the title and there are some very tricky opponents that are lying in wait….

It’s also astute in that the scoring at half-time is lower than any other week that the tournament has been running, which indicates a bit of readership fatigue and/or a lack of interest in these particular match-ups which are seemingly leaning to particular outcomes in that:-

(a) Sting and his crew are almost certainly bowing out, thus forcing me to be imaginative again when the Smiths-lite crew take to the field in the quarter-finals: and

(b) the bard of Barking is nosing it at the moment.

Half time scores

MarrRourkeJoyce 16 v The Police 2
Hippychick v Next To You (live)

Billy Bragg 16 v Half Man Half Biscuit 5
Love Gets Dangerous (Peel Session) v Totness Bickering Fair

Here’s your half-time entertainment courtesy of the fans of Celtic FC:-

mp3 : Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough


16 thoughts on “HALF TIME SCORES

  1. Can’t believe it, but I’m going with the Police this time. I have a soft spot for the two live songs they did on Propaganda. I bought it for those and the Joe Jackson stuff. I’ll take Billy Bragg in the second.

  2. You could eliminate Joyce/Mar/Rourke as you’re now scraping the barrel. Reinstate New Order as they should never have been knocked out in the first place.

    Or you could just give the trophy to The Clash now because, like Man City and Celtic this season, there’s a sense of inevitability about who’s going to win, regardless of which side they field.

    Police & Biscuits for me.

  3. Could we reinstate frightened rabbit perhaps?

    Oh and another vote for Billy please

  4. Can’t vote either side in match 1. That joke isn’t funny anymore.

    Match 2 I’ll vote for Billy, but only because I want to see Bragg vs The Clash if lucky draw. Also HMHB beat Elvis and I bare a grudge.

  5. I’ve never liked How Soon Is Now, but I do own Hippychick, so I’ll vote The Police.

    No contest in the other match. Billy Bragg.

  6. My teams keep getting bounced, so from now on I’m going to shill for and XTC v. Elvis & Attractions testimonial.

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