I’m not mucking about this week……I’ll just say that the second of the ties swung back and forth a fair bit.

OMD 9  The Housemartins 32
New Order 20 The Clash 23

I think The Clash must now be overwhelming favourities to the lift the trophy….

So that’s two sides into the the last eight….six more to join them over the next three weeks, with two more ties now put before you for consideration.

Match 3

MarrJoyceRourke v The Police

I groaned when this match-up was revealed….in the knowledge that the brickbats will fly no matter the outcome.

Here’s the facts thus far.

MarrJoyceRourke have, technically, only had one win in the tournament, with a win over Ride having gotten them their place in the last 32 after The Smiths had seen off Mission of Burma and Husker Du.

How Soon Is Now? was supposed to be getting used today, but will instead be represented by Hippychick, a hit single in 1990 by Soho, a pop act consisting of the sisters Jacqui and Pauline Cuff together with Timothy London. The song features a sample from The Smiths’ song sequenced over a Soul II Soul rhythm.

Their opponents have been fielding some great singles to see off Captain Beefheart, The Stranglers and Pete Wylie but seem to be taking gamble in this round with a live track which is a bit rough’n’ready.

Hippychick (single 1991) v Next To You (from Propaganda, 1987)

Here’s what I said in ICA#59 about The Police:-

The opening song on the band’s debut album was always one of their most popular; Sting would include it within his solo sets while it has also been given the cover version treatment by a number of other acts including Foo Fighters. It is that unusual beast from the new wave era – an unashamed love song. Such was my desire to get everything by the band back in the days that I bought an import LP called Propaganda in late 1979 as it contained two live tracks recorded earlier in the year at the Bottom Line club in New York. Next To You was the second of those tracks and quickly established itself as my favoured version.

Match 4

Billy Bragg (2) v Half Man Half Biscuit

I groaned when this match-up was revealed….in the knowledge that the brickbats will fly no matter the outcome….I think most of you would have been happier if these two had separately drawn the two above….

Here’s the facts thus far.

Billy Bragg has had a decidely mixed bag of opponents in The Faces, The Pixies and Prefab Sprout, coming through without really being tested much, albeit he’s taken no chances by fielding St Swithin’s Day, Tank Park Salute and Greetings to the New Brunette.  This tie, no matter what his opponents throw out there, is a whole new challenge for the Bard of Barking.

HMHB have the skills to go all the way and have already seen off tough oppostion in Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Trash Can Sinatras and XTC thanks to the use of 1966 And All That, National Shite Day and Joy Division Oven Gloves. Like today’s opponent, they have two separate ICAs from which songs can randomly be selected…. much is going to depend on the coin and dice combos.

Love Gets Dangerous (Peel Session, 1983) v Totnes Bickering Fair (from C.S.I. Ambleside, 2008)

It turned out that I was responsible for both ICAs. Here’s the double-skinny:-

The first time I saw Billy was on the street during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the days when he had the amp strapped to back so that he could set up when and where he liked busker style. He played four or five tunes and attracted a huge audience. This was one of the tunes that day and I’ve gone for the Peel version as it comes closest to catching that particular performance that day. Falling in love is indeed very very scary.

Twenty plus years on from the debut material and they still have the ability to make me laugh out loud with brilliant lyrics. New age mum has divorced ordinary bloke dad….but he will use the kids to get his revenge!! Not once…but twice!!!!   And the closing line of the song….while having nothing to do with the rest of the lyric…is just observational comedy of the highest quality..

Happy deliberating.  Votes must be in by Friday 18 May at 10pm.


PS….I spent much of yesterday in a daze – as and indeed I had the the previous two days – from the initial disappearance and then the sad but expected confirmation that Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit had taken his own life.  I have said a few initial words on Facebook and I do hope to expand on these in an expanded piece on this blog over the coming days.

24 thoughts on “BONUS SERIES : THE ICA WORLD CUP : ROUND 4 (Part 2)

  1. Sorry, but I will sit theses matches out as I drown my sorrows at Rafa stumbling in Madrid and that guy from Basel stepping back up to #1 while he soaks up the sun in Miami.

    BRAGG (but either of these songs would have beaten the other two)

  3. Easy easy. Marr at al. Hippychick is a million times better than Sting. Looking forward to Bryan Ferry’s The Right Stuff being used in the semi.

    HMHB. Because Totnes Bickering Fair is the musical equivalent of a free kick curling over the poorly assembled wall and beyond the keeper’s outstretched hand into the top right hand corner.

  4. Politics v music. As are many others, I am conflicted with this M********** (how many asterisks? Who cares?) thing. So I’m going to vote just for the music – what a turn up for the books, and so Hippychick wins (but studio Next To Me would’ve taken it).
    Neither BB nor HMHB field their strongest teams, but going strictly by the above, and not Moving the Goalposts, Nigel’s winner creeps over the line, and he celebrates in his Dulka Prague away kit. Does that team even still exist? Yes, 9th in the Czech League.

  5. Am i the only person who is despairing at the Clash’s Germany like march towards the final? (and they haven’t even had to rely on penalties.

    Feels a bit like after the Lord Mayor’s show this week

    i skipped the first match and Billy Bragg wins the second

  6. Marr
    HMHB – just love this song, first heard through a friend who had to spend a lot of time working in Totnes and was somewhat unimpressed by the pseudo-hippy yoghurt-knitting self-righteousness of the people he met there….

  7. Why am I always odd man out?
    POLICE (because come on, the Bottom Line!)
    BRAGG (because he wasn’t proselytizing quite yet)

  8. After two days working (please note, working) at a beer festival I’m feeling particularly tired and grumpy, especially as there were loads of great beers there that I didn’t get to try – had to drive, blame inadequate public transport…
    Marr & Co (Both tracks do nothing for me. Studio version of Next To You would have won over a slice of disposable pop that I’d long forgotten, but really don’t like that live version, so the intro, and nothing else, wins the day for Soho).
    Billy Bragg (tough call, but this just edges it).

  9. First match – a goalless draw by and large, but Soho looked better with their shirts all in a sweat after 90 minutes, much better than Sting, the old fart, so they win. Quite clearly!

    Second match – God knows I love HMHB, but here Billy Bragg comes up with a fine version of one of his finest performances, an undisputed 3-1 for him!

  10. Billy Bragg, with apologies to Mr. Blackwell, who’s put up a good fight throughout the tournament so far.

    Don’t care about either of the other two. Never liked Hippychick, but I’m not going to vote for the Police against the Smiths (especially as Sting has just recorded an album with Shaggy: say what you like about The Evil Mr. M., but he hasn’t yet recorded an album with Shaggy), so I guess you’ll have to count this as a spoiled ballot paper.

  11. Police- Old Police ain’t bad. Next to You is better than Hippychick. Reading the comments it’s like the Smiths plane had crashed so you run someone out in the pitch in a Smiths uniform and stop the match 10 seconds in and declare the interlopers as winners. Just face it already -either the Smith’s suit up and play or just disqualify them.

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