The incompetency of the bureaucrats (i.e me!!) meant five ties had to be decided before we knew the make-up of the final 16.

Orange Juice 10  The Wedding Present 22
The Smiths 25 Ride 14
The Jam 35 Daft Punk 6
Billy Bragg 26 Prefab Sprout 15
Edwyn Collins 16 Lloyd Cole & The Commotions 25

Gedge & co really made the most of their reprieve and it was double heartbreak for Edwyn as he was well beaten in the end in the final match of Round 3.

The draw has taken place for Round 4. It’s known only to myself and jimdoes and now that we are at the nitty-gritty part of the competition with just two matches per week being featured, we have rescheduled some of the ties away from the order they were drawn in so that each week features at least one potential mind-blowing blockbuster. TV companies the world over pick and choose their games, so why should we be different??

Match 1

OMD v The Housemartins

A tie which provides the opportunity for one of the perhaps less-fancied sides to progress to the quarter finals.

Here’s the facts thus far.

OMD have seen off Super Furry Animals, The Stone Roses and The Charlatans, but in doing so have already fielded two their best-known and popular tracks in Enola Gay and Messages.

The Housemartins have beaten Gene, Julian Cope and Talking Heads…they’ve fielded quality songs but some of their biggest and best-known hits are sitting in reserve,

Forever Live and Die (from The Pacific Age, 1986) v Build (from The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death, 1987)

rhetor was the composer of ICA #33 on OMD. He had this to say about the song appearing this time round…

One of my favourite OMD tracks, in fact, as for some reason I can’t get enough of the soaring vocals of the line in the chorus, with its sudden descent into the title, “I never know, I never know, I never know, I never know why…Forever Live and Die”. Maybe it’s just me…

I was responsible for OCA #111 on The Housemartins. I said this at the time:-

Some of the social messages could get lost amidst the jaunty upbeat tunes for which the band were most famed. Not so when they slowed things right down. New homes, new roads, new infrastructure right across green countryside at a time when traditional communities in poorer parts of the country were crying out for support and investment to recover. Environmental and economic madness.

Match 2

New Order v The Clash

A tie which will eliminate one of the favourites.

Here’s the facts thus far.

New Order have had a crazy run of matches against LCD Soundsystem, The Go-Betweens and The Fall. They have three ICAs to choose from which does offer an extensive number of songs but there are also a few unusual remixes capable of turning up. They may regret (pun intended) having already used up Age of Consent and Blue Monday….

The Clash have also had a tough set of match-ups in recent rounds; MGMT was reasonably straight-forward enough and didn’t really need White Man (In Hammersmith Palais) to overcome the opposition; R.E.M. and The Velvet Underground were tougher asks but the use of both sides of the London Calling single may have left them weak…

True Faith (single, 1987) v Janie Jones (from The Clash, 1977)

I’m responsible for both ICAs. Here’s the double-skinny:-

The sheer brilliance and crossover appeal of this record can be seen from the fact that it reached #4 in the UK when, other than Blue Monday and Confusion (both of which sold well with dance fans), the band had struggled to make much of impact sales wise in the single market. True Faith is an extraordinary record that admittedly benefits from the input of uber-producer Stephen Hague who had previously helped to refine the sounds of Pet Shop Boys in a way that maintained their credibility while making them huge pop stars. But there is evidence that the song itself is a belter as seen by the fact that it was given an extensive indie dance remix by Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osbourne in 1994 and that version of True Faith also went Top 10 in the UK.

There are so many great songs that are incredibly worthy of inclusion on this particular ten-track effort. I’ve changed my mind more than a few times about things but I’ve never dreamt of leaving off Janie Jones. It’s a two-minute burst of high-tempo energy which just never lets up and, in what is now approaching 40 years, has never once failed to get me singing along. I also love how the band didn’t try to hide the fact that, at this stage, Paul Simonon wasn’t the greatest of bass guitarists but somehow his one-note contribution helps make the chorus so memorable.

Happy deliberating.  Votes must be in by Friday 11 May at 10pm.


41 thoughts on “BONUS SERIES : THE ICA WORLD CUP : ROUND 4 (Part 1)

  1. Aaaargh! What a quandary! I love the Housemartins, and “Build” is a fine song that has stood the test of time very well. And yet…vote against my own side with OMD? Especially given what I wrote above? I call it a tie as of now, and will get back to you if someone wins on penalties. (What a miserable way the sport has to determine a championship, by the way. Still terribly aggrieved at the outcome of the CONCACAF championship game with Toronto FC going down over the matter of a couple crossbar shots)
    But very definitely New Order. Wise of Barney and Co. to run with True Faith when going against local favourites The Clash. Perhaps the finals come early?

  2. Actually, these are both easy calls for me: OMD and The Clash win easily. Even with the dated production and cheesy synth horns ‘Forever Live and Die’ has a fun build and drop melody whereas ‘Build’ starts slow and never gets going. And the Morrissey-esque vocalizing at the 3:00 mark is irritating.
    New Order are the most boring and overrated act ever so The Only Band That Mattered stomps all over their remedial beats and poorly-sung insipid lyrics. Fill ‘er up, Jacko!

  3. In earlier rounds, I might have been guilty of a “just pick your favourite bands” approach but at this stage of the competition, when all the bands are solid, it has to come down to the songs. So…

    New Order

  4. I loved the fact that OMD are still there but chorus aside not one of their best whereas Build is a gorgeous tune so housemartins
    New order in a straight forward win

  5. Easy one this.
    My favourite single by the Housemartins
    And simply one of the greatest singles ever made.. New Order.

  6. The Housemartins still punching above their weight
    The Clash because they are the Only Band that Matter

  7. I’m struggling to find much of interest in OMD v The Housemartins, it’s a bit like an end of season game between Bournemouth and Watford when both are safe from relegation.

    And how the fuck am I supposed to pick between my beloved New Order and one of their greatest moments and my equally beloved Clash, the greatest band to walk the face of planet Earth?

  8. Really like all 4 songs so getting tougher..
    Housemartins + New order please!

  9. OMD have much better songs than this, but still get the win (I am a heretic who prefers the Beautiful South to the Housemartins).

    Clash for the win. I loved New Order until about 1985, when I suddenly developed a huge intolerance. Janie Jones is a classic opening track to a majestic album so easy win.

  10. Both the OMD and the Housemartins tune haven’t stood the test of time all too awfully well, haven’t they? ‘Build’ did a little bit better, so The Housemartins win.

    As for the second game: you don’t seriously ask me, do you? OF COURSE The Clash easily win this, with one of their very best numbers/performances!

  11. I didn’t really rate The Housemartins much, but Build is a great song and wins it for me. True Faith is one of my favourite New Order songs and would normally be a choice, but Janie Jones kicks off my favourite album of all time and therefore The Clash get my vote. Still pissed off that orange Juice and Edwyn Collins have gone for an early bath!

  12. New Order.
    Can’t build interest enough for the first game, OMD with a cheesy tune from when they had lost it, and Housemartins never did it for me in the first place.

  13. On paper, tough, but the song choices eased the decision-making.
    Housemartins (possibly my favourite of theirs – I link it to my current situation, typing as I do just a five minute walk away from three sites where perfectly good farmland is being given over to unaffordable housing. “Men with heads filled up with sand” – that’ll be our local councillors then).
    New Order (just such a great track that I never tire of hearing)

  14. The first one is a 0-0 draw – on the toss of a coin the housemartins win
    The second tie was much more tricky – when I saw the draw I thought I’d be voting for New Order here but I listened to both songs and have gone with the one that I’d wan’t to hear again – so The Clash are the winners in a very close replay

  15. Oddly easy, for such difficult choices.
    Housemartins – Build is a great song
    New Order – True Faith is a brilliant song.

  16. Going on songs alone it will be

    The Housemartins and The Clash

    Different songs would definately had a different result

  17. Housemartins
    The Clash

    Echo an earlier entry, different song choice different result.

    I like this round I now have time on the bus to listen to all songs twice or more.

  18. I can’t believe that this tournament proceeds in the same week as the Eurovisions takes place.

    Housemartins and New Order

  19. Flag Day would’ve made it interesting, but OMD on their synthetic pitch get the points.
    One of the very best NO tracks, but really, the first track on the greatest debut album ever is one I cannot live without, boring job and all.

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