As ever, some tremendous contributions via the comments section….delighted so many of you are still giving it 110% this far into the competition and I’m over the moon about it.

Micky has done his usual e-mail vote, and I thought I’d share it with everyone:-

First up, the re-match; I pretty much knew which way this would go before playing the tracks. But even then, more one sided than I expected. Of course I like Falling and Laughing but MFD had it at the first chord!

Hadn’t heard it for a while and was straining not to do air guitar in the office. Now to this week…

1. This is probably as big a surprise to me as it is to you, but yet again I am voting for ‘The Smiths’. Good tunes, horrible/terrible singer.

2. This is probably as big a surprise to me as it is to you, but I’ve always liked this Daft Punk track. It always reminds me of the golf because those opening bars remind me of the theme tune to BBC’s Open coverage. Sitting watching the Open as a wee boy is a very happy memory. Afterwards I’d run out and invent an 18 hole golf course on our back garden using all sorts of shrubs and bushes as natural impediments, and the different parts of the lawn would represent different greens. Whereas this Jam track is a wee bit run of the mill for them.

3. Very, very tricky. Billy by the width of the paint on the goalposts

4. Remember when I said this was fun? I suppose torture is fun for some people. OK Lloyd gets it by a bawhair. Strange one really as I own Girl Like You, but somehow not ‘Heartbroken!

Micky’s five votes have helped create this situation:-

Orange Juice 9 v The Wedding Present 19

The Smiths 20 v Ride 11
The Jam 29 v Daft Punk 4
Billy Bragg 21 v Prefab Sprout 12
Edwyn Collins 15 v Lloyd Cole & The Commotions 18

In case any of you are wondering why, having seemingly been eliminated last Saturday, The Wedding Present are being given a second chance….please read this.

Here’s your half-time entertainment….courtesy of the fans of Crystal Palace FC.

mp3 : The Dave Clark Five – Glad All Over

Remember….if you haven’t voted yet, you have until 10pm this coming Friday.



5 thoughts on “HALF TIMES SCORES

  1. Clip almost makes me want to root for the Eagles.

    Lloyd (the Mrs. will cancel me out if she votes… this one from Edwyn just about her all-time favorite)

  2. back after a loooong break – still sad that Magazine is out 😦
    so this time:

    Prefab Sprout (tempted to give ’em 10 votes)
    Edwyn Collins

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