I was sitting in front of the laptop tonight, pulling together some facts and stats in preparation for the draw for the last 16 of the ICA World Cup when I had a ‘FUCK……WHAT HAVE I DONE?’ moment.

Last week, I asked you to cast your votes for the merits of Felicity (Orange Juice) against a live version of My Favourite Dress (The Wedding Present). You shouldn’t have been asked that as Felicity had in fact already been fielded in Round 1 of the competition and the rules are that no song can appear twice. The fact that Edwyn & co won the match-up means the result is null and void.

Genuine error on my part….and so now the tie to be replayed.

The Wedding Present are being allowed to field the studio version of My Favourite Dress while Orange Juice are required to offer up a different song from their original ICA. So, if you don’t mind….let me have your thoughts on this match up:-

Falling And Laughing (single, 1980) v My Favourite Dress (from George Best, 1987)

I need the votes in by Friday 4 May at 10pm. So sorry for the mix-up and any undue stress this may have caused.



  1. Historically speaking, Falling and Laughing feels more important to me, but My Favourite Dress is my favorite song from my favorite WP album. Going with Gedge this time.

  2. Orange Juice always v. TWP (Welsh for stupid, by the way). Good TWP song but OJ’s greatest moment gives them no chance.

  3. I honestly didn’t notice that Felicity was going for a brace, but there you go. OJ still get my vote, Falling And laughing about yet they are still serious contenders.

  4. it is still the Wedding Present and this should still be the final. David Gedge has the luck of Lewis Hamilton

  5. Wedding Present (Thought it would be OJ as I’ve been playing quite a bit of them lately, but listening to the two tunes back to back as I always do, Gedge and co got the nod – just).

  6. It is a sad day for imaginary sports. Red cards, failed PED tests, multiple suspensions, referee bribery allegations…
    The Wedding Present wins on away goals or penalty kicks or rock-paper-scissors.

  7. The Weddoes original (and indeed the live version from that era) are far better than the version previously aired. Indeed this is a classic song, but has to be Orange Juice for me.

  8. Oh shit! It was OJ for me with the first vote, but I have to change that to The Wedding Present now ….

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