If the score from last week’s result appears underneath, then I was thankfully able to update this draft using my phone while in a hotel room in Leeds.

The Housemartins 16 Pulp 20

That’s two off your semi-finalists sorted out.  Here’s jimdoes with this week’s tie.  It’s the pick of the bunch…..


Never Stop (Discotheque) v Clampdown

Written in biro on a desk at school. That was the first time I heard of Echo and The Bunnymen. All the cool kids at school were in to them – and I most certainly wasn’t one of the cool kids – I was only just looking beyond Top of the Pops to discover new music on my own. Maybe that’s why they’ve never been a favourite of mine – I like them but they were always too cool for me. I know the songs and I’ve seen them at festivals a few times but I never loved them. Having said all that – out of all the bands left in the ICA World Cup, they are the band that I listen to more than any other – only because Seven Seas is one of my favourite songs ever so I play it all the time.

(JC adds….just to provide some more words so that it is similar in length to the second contribution….here’s what Echorich said when I posted the 12″ version of Never Stop as the stand alone post “LAY DOWN THY RAINCOAT AND GROOOOOOVE…” back in October 2013…

A Pete De Frietas Tour De Force! The percussion, multilayered over a driving motorik beat, mixed with the strings was the first warning shot of what would come to full fruition by Ocean Rain.

Back to jimdoes……

I was too young for The Clash. And not having an older sibling to point me in the right direction, they kind of passed me by. In my house the 70s meant Joan Baez, The Manhattan Transfer and Terry Wogan’s Floral Dance. Punk certainly never happened for me. But I do remember seeing my first punks – on my way to my cousins in Romford around the time of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee – they seemed impossibly exotic and otherworldly to my young eyes. The first I knew of Mick Jones was E=MC2 – which I loved. By the time I went to art college I was a proper indie kid – The Wedding Present, The Smiths, Pixies, The Cure, and The Primitives were my band t-shirts of choice (in fact I’ve never owned a Clash t-shirt). This is where I met Julyan and Tristan – we’d go to the pub – they’d put The Clash on the jukebox; we’d carry on drinking at home – they’d play their battered Clash records; we’d go to parties – Julyan would always have a Clash tape on him (for emergencies) – it would be his favourite Clash songs but he’d re-record it almost weekly. I quickly knew all the words and acquired my own copies of the albums. None of us ever saw The Clash (They aren’t even the band I’d go back in time to see – that’s Prince and The Revolution on the Purple Rain tour) but we went to countless BAD shows and saw Joe Strummer a few times. I still listen to London Calling about once a month, so they are very much a part of me.


PS : That leaves the final quarter final as Lloyd Cole & The Commotions v The Jam.  You’ll need to wait seven days for the songs though…….

39 thoughts on “BONUS SERIES : THE ICA WORLD CUP : ROUND 5(Part 3)

  1. ‘….Julyan would always have a Clash tape on him (for emergencies)…’ I like the cut of his jib.
    My vote goes to the only band that matters.

  2. You know, this is tough. Never Stop is a work of mystic Scouse genius, a band at the top of their game- flair, great hair, anti-Thatcherism lyrics and a laid down raincoat groove.

    But Clampdown is… United in 1999, Carlos Alberto in 1970, Maradona against the rest of the world in 86 and at Napoli in 87, Ronaldo last night with a free kick at 3-2 down. It is the very stuff that music is made of. It is the truth. 1-2-3-4… What are gonna do now? The Clash.

  3. There are very few Clash tracks which wouldn’t win against any opposition for me, so this tie is theirs. Having said that, ‘Never Stop’ would normally come out on top on most other pairings which were left in the competition. Sorry Bunnyboys, but the Four Horsemen ride on.

  4. You know, there aren’t many dull tunes on ‘London Calling’ (in fact there is only one: I always thought there is something missing on ‘Revolution Rock’. Still can’t tell what exactly this might be though). ‘Clampdown’ certainly is one of the stronger tracks on the album. Consequently it is very hard for any other team to win here with their song of choice: The Bunnymen, I’m afraid to say, fail!

    btw: be careful, JC: should an astonishing number of votes come in for the Bunnymen from ‘anonymous’ or fake nicknames in foreign languages, it’ll most certainly be George from sunny Portugal … !

    And kudos to Julyan and his emergency tape: what a guy!

  5. Was getting my Call Ups and Clampdowns mixed up but still the Clash for me

  6. No hesitation this week. Clampdown is my favourite song ever. At 18 you are warned “it’s the best years of your life they want to steal” and get to cheer that ” lately one or two have fully paid their dues”, and many more great lines in one tune. Well I took it to heart Joe.

    The Clash. (Never Stop is great too, but that was showbiz, the Clash meant something)

  7. Oh FUCK! I knew this was coming. I’m just not ready… This isn’t made ANY easier by the song selection. Both have build ups and chants that once heard, stick with you for hours, days…this is going to come down to listening to them each twice RIGHT NOW! Bunnymen first, then Clash first….. THE CLASH – CLAMPDOWN.

  8. I haven’t voted for a winner in a month of Sundays. The trend continues. Bunnymen. I may lose some friends this time.

  9. You grow up and you calm down…
    Toughest of all the draws yet, but I’d pick Clampdown over any song in the tournament. THE CLASH.

  10. Hardest choice yet…So I’m jettisoning history and listening to these two tunes purely on the basis of what happens next…
    and it’s The Bunnymen today. Tomorrow might have been different…

  11. I saw The Clash, as a very special “Andy Kershaw presents” after Joe had gone AWOL. My sleeveless Combat Rock t-shirt attracted the first great love of my life. London Calling is one of the greatest albums ever, and Clampdown is fantastic.

    But still…. a fairly short time after that I fell out of love with music. Just couldn’t be bothered. 3 records won me back – Night and Day by EBTG, This Charming Man by the Smiths and… (drum roll) Never Stop.

    Sorry Joe. It’s the Bunnymen for me.
    (Were you ever tempted by the lie that there’s an answer in the sky?)

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