Memo to self……..if going out for what you know is going to be a long and drunken Friday evening….switch ICA deadline so you don’t fuck things up with the scheduled posting.

My head hurts.  This, by my muddled reckoning, was the final result from last week….

The Smiths 12 Billy Bragg 26

That’s the first of your semi-finalists sorted out.  Here’s jimdoes with this week’s tie.


Flag Day v Do You Remember The First Time?


Amanda never liked The Housemartins. So I’m fairly sure I’ve never kissed a girl while Flag Day has been playing. I probably first heard of The Housemartins when they played the video on The Chart Show – one of the rare weeks where they did the indie rundown. My best friend Nick’s mum worked with Norman Cook’s mum so she got our records signed by the band (My signed Happy Hour 12″ was in the box that I lost in a house move years ago). Nick and I went to see them when they played Brixton – you can see my ticket here: We bumped into Amanda in the street before we got on the train and we had a bit of a row – she wasn’t impressed by the purple shirt I was wearing (hey I was at art school). It was probably the first gig where I was down the front in the moshpit for the whole show – the shirt got ruined but I had a fantastic time. I loved both Housemartins albums but they are another band that I haven’t listened to in years – I’ve seen Fatboy Slim a few times which is always fun, but I was never a fan of The Beautiful South.

The first time for me was the early 90s – queuing up to get in to Camden Underworld, given a flyer with Pulp’s name on. Shortly after I was backpacking around the world for a year – my friends having given me cassettes of essential music to listen to whilst away. Nicks tape had Babies on it (and a lot of Beastie Boys) – I listened to it over and over – it will always remind me of sitting in the back of pick up trucks driving around Zimbabwe – probably not what Jarvis had in mind. Amanda was long gone by now – but I hope she likes Pulp – maybe it’s an indication of who I hang around with, but I haven’t met a single girl that doesn’t like Pulp. They are a band that whenever I DJ, I can pretty much play any song by them and guarantee people dancing with abandon.


35 thoughts on “BONUS SERIES : THE ICA WORLD CUP : ROUND 5 (Part 2)

  1. Can’t quite believe how the housemartins have got this far. Pulp feel like the more deserving band but Flag Day is such a great song thatvi it is hulls fourth best band again for me.

    Also slowly realising my last hope Lloyd is probably up against the bloody clash

  2. Hey JC,
    Love both bands but Do You Remember The First Time is one of my all time favs so gotta be Pulp



  3. Luck of the draw here: for me Flag Day is by far their best song, and while Pulp have a dozen or so better, DYRTFT is not one of them. A surprise on a par with RUSSIA hammering KSA last night. Maybe Putin bought the Cup as well as the event rights?

  4. I think ‘Flag Day’ was the very first song by The Housemartins that I heard (on John Peel/BFBS (could it really have been aynwhere else?)), plus it’s a wonderful song indeed. The Housemartins win by quite some distance!

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