If you click on ‘Bodines’ on the index part of this blog over on the right-hand side, you will find there have been three postings, all of which have featured debut single Therese.

Understandably so, as it is one of the great 45s of the C86 era – as I mentioned previously, it is a song that feels as if Julian Cope is fronting an energetic and lively Orange Juice which, and I won’t have any arguments, is a recipe for unadulterated magnificence.

The follow-up single was always likely going to be a bit of a letdown in comparison, which sadly proved to be the case:-

mp3 : The Bodines – Heard It All

It’s a decent enough song but there’s nothing to make it stand out from the crowd, although listening again it does seem that my Julian Cope observation for Therese was misplaced as lead singer Mike Ryan seems to be channelling someone else from that era and scene….and indeed if you flip the 45 over to the b-side, you’ll get to hear the whole band paying tribute to Echo & The Bunnymen with a tune that wouldn’t have been out-of-place on the Crocodile-era material.

mp3 : The Bodines – Clear

Bloody good innit???



  1. I love heard it all. Classic teenage unrequited love song . The line “and when you think she’s lonely you phone just to make sure” gets me every time.
    I still play the debut lp quite a bit , I remember it got quite poor reviews mainly down to the lack of new tracks as made up largely of singles and b sides. Listening now it is still a great collection of tunes

  2. Decide is the only single that has eluded me all these years. I think they are all worth having… particularly the three on Creation. I have today’s selection on 12” which includes third song William Shatner. Worth noting our hero Ian Broudie’s name pops up again as producer. He really seemed to be everywhere.

  3. I hear the Cope/McCulloch/Bunnymen references but neither of these songs are anywhere near the level of Therese. B-side collectors material that should make some folks happy.

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