Not sure how many of you are here to catch the half-time scores but instead want to hear the outcome of the deliberations on the possible expulsion of The Smiths. I’ll come to that in due course….but there’s four crucial ties being played against this backdrop…..

Lightning Seeds 16 v Saint Etienne 13
Pulp 18 v Pavement 6
Wire(2) 14 v Butcher Boy 12
Orange Juice 19 v The Wedding Present 9

Lightning Seeds exploded from the blocks and took a 9-1 lead, but then there was the mother of all comebacks as Saint Etienne went 11-10 ahead before the Scouser(s) got another six goals in a row.  Saint Etienne are fighting back again and there’s much to play for in what has been the most  topsy-turvy tie in the entire tourney.

The other possible historic comeback is in the Wire v Butcher Boy contest with the Scots really clawing their way  into things having been 10-2 behind early on.

I can’t thank enough all of you who offered thoughts, views and opinions on the frontman’s outburst and my intention to now remove The Smiths from the ICA World Cup. It became very clear, very quickly, that whatever decision was taken, it couldn’t please everyone. Some of you thought expulsion was fine, others were completely against the idea. There were suggestions of using instrumentals so that the singer alone was excluded which, although tempting, would have resulted in songs being included despite never having been on any ICA.

In the end, the decision I’ve taken is a bit of a fudge and may only, depending on how the voting goes, lead to a different dilemma further down the road.

The song which had come out for use by The Smiths was, aptly, Bigmouth Strikes Again. The song which will be aired in one of this coming weekend’s ties will be Bigmouth Strikes Again….as performed live by Johnny Marr. You’ll have to wait and see who he’s up against to decide whether he progresses…..

Turning to some stuff from the terraces for your half time entertainment….

I have no idea how the hell the fans of FC Koln adopted this monstrosity of a tune as their anthem!

I just can’t bring myself to post Runrig on the blog….so in honour of the Koln fans taking something bad and turning it into something good, here’s something from a hero of mine.

mp3 : Paul Haig – Something Good (10 inch mix)

Remember….if you haven’t voted yet this week, you have until 10pm on Friday.




  1. Whatever the outcome on der Schmidts is fine by me–I’ve had my say.
    As for the cup ties I’m gutted since my beloved XTC were knocked out on some BULLSHIT TECHNICALITY or other. So, I’ll do the only thing a proper New Yorker would do: pull for the underdogs.

    Saint Etienne
    Butcher Boy
    The Wedding Present

  2. That Paul Haig song is a cracker! In my mind Paul is a strong candidate for a Sunday Singles treat, he has released a string of great 12″ singles.
    As for The Smiths, I’m not a friend of collective punishment, Morrissey should be expelled and may he ever burn in the flames of Dante’s inferno, but the group as such can’t be blamed for him turning a d*ckhead with time. In my opinion.

    And by the way – St Etienne, St Etienne, St Etienne!

  3. I can only agree to Dirk’s words. 20 years ago a Cologne based band got the order to create a new Anthem for the Club. Cologne is a melting pot for many different kind of music. As far as I know a Scottish musician introduced the band to loch Lomond and they adapted the song and wrote the supporting lyrics.

  4. Lightning Seeds (ridiculously difficult decision that took days)
    OJ (if this was the studio version from TWP not sure I go this way)

  5. I go for:

    Lightning Seeds – or my brother will punch me
    Butcher Boy
    The Wedding Present

    Cheers JC

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