Here’s a song with a title that captures perfectly the Bunnymen over Butcher Boy:-

mp3 : The Popguns – Landslide

Here’s a song with a title that captures perfectly The Jam over the Mary Chain:-

mp3 : Dead Hope – Landslide

Both ties, even at this early stage, are forgeone conclusions.  I think, however, that at least one of next week’s match-ups will be tasty.  Tune in on Saturday to learn what I’m talking about.

In the meantime, tomorrow sees the start of a three-day guest mini-series which may well fascinate a number of you.


PS : Both of the above tunes come very highly recommended.

PPS : For some reason or other, a comment….nay, it’s more akin to a desperate plea from the heart….. ended up in the Spam box rather than being published last week.  I found it while doing a bit of clearing up last night.  It’s from Adam in the Bagging Area, and he offered this up on Thursday 16 May:-

“Can The Robster please note never to compare The Clash to Man City ever again please.

Thank you”


15 thoughts on “HALF TIME REPORT

  1. I appear to have a cracking Northern Soul tune called Landslide, by Tony Clarke – came on one of a number of compilations of that genre that I’ve picked up over the years. Olivia Newton-John also recorded a song of that title – the less said about that, the better.

  2. Ha! Adam: apologies. I forgot how bitter Man U fans can get when their team doesn’t win. Looking forward to Saturday. Six times?

  3. Dead Hope sounded great – when I went to check them out on Discogs there was nothing. Only ‘Plain or Pan’ gave any real info and took me to their bandcamp page (via facebook) and Songs From The 2nd Floor sounds a good album

  4. Great comment about band leader / drummer Keith Martin on facebook page ‘Last time I saw Keith at the HAC he was heckling Butcher Boy..not so remarkable except he was playing drums for them at the time’

    HAC is Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine

  5. I posted it before we lost Robster. And hopefully before Liberpool lose too. I really dont like Real Madrid. Horrible club in many many ways. But I’ve never wanted them to win as much as I currently do.

  6. Fair enough Adam. No hard feelings. I just want Ronaldo to miss a penalty, then for Salah to go right up the other end and bury the winner. That would be the perfect end.

    Johnny: I thought maybe Chesterfield… (out of the league altogether now)

    This reminds me of a joke I heard Billy Bragg tell on a bootleg I once had: What three football teams have naughty words in their names?

    Manchester FUCKING United!

  7. Fucking can’t believe that The Jam are royally humping the Mary Chain, ffs. Too many over 50s on here who dresssed in Stay Press and white socks when they were young.

    You’re all fucking GAMMON.

    Sorry SA, but I really hope that Liverpool “do” Real big time but I suspect not.

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