It’s been very interesting thus far that the vast majority of folk have cast their votes early doors and very few of the half-time leads have been overturned. I wonder if anything will change now that we are down to two matches per weel.

The match-ups from now on have the potential to put folk in a dilemma, as typified by this from Swiss Adam:-

“how the fuck am I supposed to pick between my beloved New Order and one of their greatest moments and my equally beloved Clash, the greatest band to walk the face of planet Earth?”

In the end, he did make a pick….which is more than some have been able to do!!!….and went for Janie Jones.

Half time scores

OMD 5 v The Housemartins 22
Forever Live and Die v Build

New Order 13 v The Clash 17
True Faith v Janie Jones

Still all to play for in the second half??

Here’s your half-time entertainment courtesy of the fans of Motherwell FC:-

No mp3 today….well not of the above song anyway. Instead, here’s one that I aired every week as the teams took to the field during the past season in my role of matchday DJ/announcer at Raith Rovers….

mp3 : Bowie/Jagger – Dancing In The Streets

It’s a tradition……..although next season I’m intending to revert to the original version of the song.

Remember….if you haven’t vote yet, you have until 10pm this coming Friday.



2 thoughts on “HALF TIMES SCORES

  1. OMD this week. Housemartins, great lyric but sound was too much Beautiful South.

    New Order – in my head it was closer, but after listening again to both…

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