This will be the last of the half time reports as the ties from the quarter-finals will feature individual match-ups and it will be easy enough to keep track of the scores via the comments button….but having said that, I’m likely to give updates at the foot of some of the scheduled non World Cup posts.

Before turning to the HTs, I thought it would be worth looking back over all the games played thus far and see how often the outcome I was hoping for actually prevailed:-

Preliminary Round : 0/1
1st Round : Week 1 13/16
1st Round : Week 2 : 12/16
1st Round : Week 3 : 10/16
1st Round : Week 4 : 10/16
2nd Round : 1st Half : 10/16
2nd Round : 2nd Half : 13/16
3rd Round : 12/16
4th Round : 3/6…and based on the HT scores….likely to be 4/8.

Also worth mentioning that more than half of the teams still left in the competition would have been eliminated at some previous point if I wasn’t a democrat….

And finally….here are your half time scores.

The Wedding Present 12 v Pulp 16
(Dalliance v This Is Hardcore)

(NB….early on Pulp had a 10 point lead in this one….)

Lightning Seeds 11 v Lloyd Cole & The Commotions 19
(Lucky You v Brand New Friend)

Half time entertainment…from more than 50 years ago:-


and here’s a wonderful tune that I felt like playing today; no reason other than I think you’ll enjoy it:-

mp3 : Ballboy – Donald In The Bushes With A Bag Of Glue

Remember….if you haven’t voted yet, you have until 10pm this coming Friday.



7 thoughts on “HALF TIME SCORES

  1. Hoping to spark off a late and dramatic comeback here…..

    Wedding Present.

    Not fussed with the other game.


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