This has been fun hasn’t it?   But now we are getting into the really serious part of the competition.

The result of the final game in Round 5 was:-

The Jam 23 Lloyd Cole & The Commotions 11

The score doesn’t quite reflect how decent a contest this was and it really is quite amaxing that Weller, Foxton & Buckler are still going despite their ICA featuring just album tracks and no singles or b-sides.

Here’s who is still standing….Billy Bragg, The Clash, The Jam and Pulp.  Not too shabby a line-up and I’m thinking that many of you will have had initial thoughts that they could all go a long way depending on the vagaries of the draw…talking of which…..

Semi Final 1 : Pulp v Billy Bragg
Semi Final 2 : The Jam v The Clash


Babies v Between The Wars

Blimey……this offers a tough choice between two very different types of songs.

The Pulp ICA was compiled by Tim Badger

After about ten years the wilderness, Pulp emerged with this tale of teenage tea time obsession. It begins innocently enough with Jarvis talking about afternoons with girls in bedrooms – before he goes well a bit perverse and then delivering this withering punchline “I only went with her ‘cause she looked like you!”

and the track on offer from Billy was on an ICA stitched beautifully together by Walter.

With no backing band but his own electric guitar, Billy Bragg sang ‘Between the Wars’ as a first-person narrative of a miner hoping his hard work would be rewarded by care from the government his efforts helped support. Another song about the miners in the 80s and maybe one of his most emotional ones.

Both are outstanding pieces of music and very representative of what made both acts such essential listening. Which one are you prepared to give the nod?  A place in the ICA World Cup Final is at stake…



  1. Billy Bragg’s second best song (after Great Leap Forwards) takes it for me, still pertinent today.

  2. My favourite Pulp song against my second favourite Bragg song…
    But it’s no contest


  3. Still in morning for Lloyd. Am the only one who finds the Jam v Clash mildly depressing?
    By far the more interesting semi final . Pulps best song so its Jarvis and co for me.
    This is what is has been great about the iCAs . If it was on total collection of songs then it would be billy Bragg every time but Pulps highs are immense

  4. my introduction to Pulp, and I never fell out of love with this song.
    Pulp all the way

  5. Squeeky bum time innit. Difficult because Babies is ace, really ace, but Between The Wars is an early musical influence. But maybe Pulp will add some flair to a final against one of the punk stalwarts. Pulp. I think.

  6. Pulp – I love this track, not sure what they are going to put if they get to the final that will be as good as this though

  7. Gotta be Pulp this time. Soz, Bill.

    Oh, and whoever wins this round… I’m probably going to be voting for them in the final. Not that they stand much of a chance.

  8. Babies is brilliance, but Between the Wars is possibly one of my top ten songs ever.

    So Bill for me.

  9. Never really got Pulp. Billy’s bleak observation at the end of the song that we ‘are between the wars’ sums up mid-80s apocalyptic anxiety perfectly so lets see him in the final.

  10. The cream has certainly risen to the top with two cracking songs this week.
    Babies by Pulp comes out on top for me – a perfect example of Jarvis and Co’s almost peerless pop songwriting.

  11. This was the toughest choice yet. I’ll pick Billy Bragg, but I wouldn’t mind any result.

  12. This sucks. And it’s a bit like when someone asks you “Would you like to have a glass of ice-cold beer, a German one, or one from Belgium – not a British one? Or would you like a glass of real good Shiraz from Australia instead”?

    The point I’m trying to make is: you cannot compare the two drinks, can you really? Personally, I’d like to have BOTH of them, in exactly that sequence! Then again I say that about almost every alcoholic drink being offered to me … but, if I HAVE to choose, at the end of the day, the decision would depend on the mood I’m in, I think.

    The very same is true for the two songs in question. Let’s say Bragg = beer and Cocker = Shiraz. And as it’s already 30 degrees Celsius in this bloody office (and it’s not even 11 AM my time!), I’d currently favour the cold beer …

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