A short time ago, I put up a posting celebrating the single What A Performance by the 80s indie band BOB. It was a well received effort, but what I was most taken by were comments from folk whose views I really respect pointing me in the direction of another single by the band:-

Friend of Rachel Worth : Love Bob, was planning an ICA as felt they had a lot more creativity and variety than most. Convenience is the hit that got away.

Strangeways : Also agree about ‘Convenience’ – what a song

Nev : Convenience has to be in my top 20 of 45s of all time – love it!

I’ve now tracked down said 45, and am happy to confirm that the contributions were bang on:-

mp3 : BOB – Convenience

Released on 7″ and 12″ on House of Teeth Records in 1989, the lead track was voted in at #31 in that year’s Festive Fifty (which itself was of vintage quality as I hope to demonstrate quite soon). It’s a tremendous little pop song that I’m only sorry I didn’t pick up on back in the day.

Here’s the wonderfully named b-side of the 7″

mp3 : BOB – I Fall Upon The Thorns Of Life! I Bleed!!


3 thoughts on “CONVENIENCE

  1. On vinyl, I only have one lone 12″ from Bob, and this isn’t it, unfortunately, but I highly recommend the two double-disc reissues 3 Loop Music put out a few years back. Among the 69 songs on the Singles and EPs and Leave The Straight Life Behind, you’ll get several takes on Convenience, including demos and radio sessions, along with this fabulous single you feature today. The very definition of grossly underrated band.

  2. The reissues are highly recommended. I think my favourite Bob song is Kirsty, which is on there, though i think the shorter Peel Session version is even better.

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