As ever, we’ll start things off with the result of last week’s tie. The winners established an early 5 point lead which was then wiped out come Tuesday morning.  The winners, however, found a second wind as the week went on and held on despite a late onslaught from the Scousers.

Echo & The Bunnymen 19 The Clash 22

Three down; one to go..  Here’s jimdoes with this week’s tie.


Man In The Corner Shop v My Bag

I’ve never had any friends who were big fans of The Jam – and as a youngster, very much like The Clash, they passed me by. My only recollections of them are ads for Jam shoes and Jam ties in the back of Smash Hits – and seeing the video for Funeral Pyre on Top Of The Pops. It wasn’t enough to turn my 12-year-old self into a mod – I was busy listening to Adam and The Ants and arguing with friends that they were better than Madness. I’m almost 50 and I’ve mellowed slightly but I still like a ‘heated debate’ about X band being better than Y – I do try and base my opinions on actually listening to said bands these days which is definitely a change from when I’d slag off bands based on whatever was written in the music press. I even take this as far as to listening to the godawful rap that my teenage son listens to – and I sometimes catch myself sounding just like my dad “That’s not music etc etc”. None of which particularly relates to The Jam – I’ve seen Weller a few times at festivals and generally enjoyed his music but I don’t hold him in the same light as Joe Strummer or Mick Jones, he’s not my hero.

Lost Weekend on Top Of The Pops was where it began. I still know all the lyrics and it’s still a song that I’ll occasionally play when I DJ in my local pub. I was late to Lloyd Cole – it seems like a recurring theme – I guess it was in my teens before I discovered the delights of the NME and Melody Maker. I bought Easy Pieces and played it to death – and it means more to me than Rattlesnakes. That’s not so say that when I discovered Rattlesnakes I didn’t love it, but I guess I loved my first infatuation that little bit more. Anyway, I only discovered Rattlesnakes thanks to the Sandie Shaw version of Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken – a shocking admission! My younger sister was a big Lloyd Cole fan – especially Mainstream – and she came with me when they played Wembley Arena – a band very much in the wrong venue – their songs sounded lost in such an echoey hanger and convinced me that smaller venues were better – and to this day I try and avoid the big arena tours – most bands are lost to me once they get that big.


34 thoughts on “BONUS SERIES : THE ICA WORLD CUP : ROUND 5 (Part 4)

  1. I suppose it is too much to hope that a rogue cut the crap track is chosen for the semifinals?

    Lloyd all the way . Mainstream is a bit of a lost classic and my bag zips along with a great lyric

  2. I think I’ve said this before: voting for The Jam means voting against The Clash in mid-term. Still Weller and the boys nail it with this tune, sorry Lloyd!

    PS: where can I buy tickets for the Clash vs. Jam – final?!

  3. Another very tough match. If it were anything other than ‘My Bag’ it would be even tougher. It’s never a song I was particularly fond of at the time, but one I was given cause to reevaluate when I saw Lloyd play it brilliantly on his acoustic tour a couple of years back.
    Still The Jam for me this week though.

  4. This is the toughest one for me so far ,
    The Jam will win but I have to go for Lloyd Cole.


  5. Even an album track, such as Man In The Corner Shop, had so much going for it than most other bands’ singles at the time. I felt Paul Weller was writing about experiences he, or others like me, could actually have. Lloyd Cole made good singles, some sound great, but I never quite believed him. I never believed he had had a lost weekend in Amsterdam, but that he thought it might happen to someone. This lack of belief is why I believe The Jam win this tie.

  6. No friends who liked The Jam? I can’t think of any friends who didn’t like The Jam! and if they didn’t I would probably disown them!
    Both great – Jam wins!

  7. I wear Paul and the boys pinned to my lapel, while Lloyd stays in my ticket pocket: THE JAM, easily.

  8. This is where my losing streak ends. Deep affection for both of these songs, but it’s the Jam without hesitation.

  9. The Jam – Man In The Cornershop is another one of those songs of my youth that painted a picture I’ve never forgotten.

  10. Hey Lloyd, I’m sorry. But it’s gotta be the Jam. It’s the difference between songs played to death in my youth vs song I liked enough to buy the album and a signed copy to boot. Yours is the only autograph I have Lloyd.

  11. Just Jam please. Not one of their strongest, which most of Rattlesnakes would’ve defeated.

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