From 5 January 2010


mp3 : The Wonder Stuff – It’s Yer Money I’m After Baby

This was the fifth single by The Wonder Stuff and the first to trouble the charts, sneaking in for the one week at #40. But 13 out of their next 14 singles all hit the Top 30 in the UK, including a #1 hit with Dizzy, a collaboration with comedian Vic Reeves in October 1991.

It’s easy to forget nowadays just how massively popular this lot were at the beginning of the 90s…..at one point they headlined a gig with almost 20,000 in attendance at Walsall football stadium near their own home town. It’s also a scary thought to realise that this bit of vinyl is now more than 20 years old.* (it’s actually 30 year old now!!!)

Even if you’re not a fan, have a listen to one of the b-sides for its inspired attack on the pop-tastic machine that was Stock, Aitken and Waterman. Poor little Rick Astley…….

mp3 : The Wonder Stuff – Astley In The Noose
mp3 : The Wonder Stuff – Ooh, She Said
mp3 : The Wonder Stuff – Rave From The Grave

Happy Listening


3 thoughts on “A RE-POST TO BUY MORE TIME (11)

  1. Now you’re talking. This is one band I went all in for. Those early singles with their screen print sleeves and abundant B-Sides were wonderful stuff indeed. Oh She Said was a great track too.

  2. In terms of content across all tracks, this was probably the best 12″ the Wonder Stuff ever released. Loved the first two albums, but started to tire of them by the time ‘Never Loved Elvis’ came round.

  3. This, for me, is when The Wonder Stuff were at the top of their game. Someone at college thought I would like them, let me hear this song and I was hooked. The 1st LP I think is a cracker. The 2nd LP, student fodder, left me cold. Everyone wanted to dance to Size of a Cow, every DJ, everywhere I frequented, played it. I loathed the song so much. Live, even during the fug of Hup, the band were incredibly energetic and I stayed with them … for too long. Other more frenetic bands were taking up the mantle I sold my allegiance to Mega City 4, possibly for a pint of cider and black. I look back with fondness at those initial releases by the Wonder Stuff – they offered me a new path and alerted me to Pop Will Eat Itself, Ned’s …. Senseless Things. Happy days

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