Pleasant Surprise

I can’t stand the Foo Fighters. No, that’s not exactly right. It’s more correct to say that I like everything about the Foo Fighters except their music, which I find to be boringly ordinary emo. Fake anthems.

By all accounts, though, Dave Grohl is a great guy that’s nice to everyone. My friend’s daughter saw him at the mall and told him she was a drummer and he grabbed her phone and took a selfie with her. He organized and performed at a tribute to Bob Mould of Husker Du. He plays benefits all the time. Yeah, he’s a good guy and a monster drummer, I just never liked his kind of music.

So anyway, I’m at the gym where there’s a kid called Chris I’m friendly with who really knows his music. No matter what comes on the radio he knows it. We quiz each other about songs in a good natured way. When I told him I was going on tour in England last year (where I met JC!) and would be traveling around in a van, he laughed and said, “Have fun. I know what that’s like.”


Chris looks like he’s about 20 years old but, come to think of it, he’s pretty heavily tattooed.

“Dude, you tour around in vans?”

“Well, not that much anymore. Sometimes if I’m doing solo stuff.”

Not anymore? Solo stuff? Who was this guy? Turns out he’s Chris Sheflett, Foo Fighters’ lead guitarist. I’m still not crazy about the band’s music but I like when internationally successful musicians, selling out stadiums of 80,000 people, turn about to be regular folks that are fun to talk to.

Congregation – from the band’s 2014 LP Sonic Highways


11 thoughts on “CHARGED PARTICLES (V2) : Part 3

  1. I happen to quite like the Foos, but I’m not a rabid fan. Grohl is, by all accounts, a great bloke. Great story about your gym buddy too.

  2. Yeah, Rhetor, I was very surprised to learn Chris was only 8 years younger than me. He’s a soccer player and is pretty fit. I can’t bring myself to listen to most of the Foos’ catalog but I’d recommend checking out Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, especially to the fine readers of this blog. It’s one of Chris’s several side projects–a punk rock cover band. Some of the stuff is hilarious. He goes by the name Jake Jackson in the Gimmes. He also recorded some interesting albums as Jackson United and some more country-flavored stuff with the Dead Peasants.

  3. JTFL, I never heard of this guy before reading your post. Two hours later I hear him being interviewed on Sirius XM’s Beatles channel. Eerie. I looked him up just now and Chris has what looks to be an excellent podcast as well. His list of guests have been varied and interesting. Will explore. Great read today.

  4. While I am by no means a real Foo Fighters fan, they have peppered the airwaves with some very good Rock and Roll songs over the past few decades. If a Rock band can be a singles band, they are one for me. Shiflett is the quite man in the band. He does a very good job of being the calming force.
    JTFL – you are aware he has a Country band side project as well – The Dead Peasants…you have way more in common than you may think.

  5. Blimey, never knew he was in The Gimme’s! What a fine band they are, to be sure. Foo Fighters mean nothing much to me either though ….

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