This is another week when it’s one song on the hard drive courtesy of a compilation.

One of the features on-line referring to St. Deluxe, first published in a Scottish arts/music magazine in 2009, informed readers that the band had been touted by Alan McGee as ‘a Scottish Nirvana for the 21st Century”.

The fact that they went on to have a less than stellar career in terms of sales and fame, then it’s fair top say that, once again, the music mogul got it spectacularly wrong.

mp3: St. Deluxe – Chemical Reactions

This six-and-a-half minute effort, which very much gives a clear indication of the sorts of bands and sound who were an influence, was included on Get While The Getting’s Good, a 2006 CD of Scottish musicians that was issued by the German label Aufgeldaden Und Bereit.  The song would later be included on St Deluxe’s self-titled debut album, released on Poppydisc Records in 2008.

As far as I can make out, going by the bandcamp page, St .Deluxe continued to perform and record up until 2017.


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